The new iDEAL: Give consumers the payment experiences they expect

Are you ready for the new iDEAL? Discover the new changes in this blog post.

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Adyen and the new ideal

Since its launch in 2005, iDEAL has become the most popular payment method in the Netherlands and has processed over 5 billion payments, with the last 1 billion in less than a year. 70% of all online purchases in the Netherlands are made with iDEAL, accounting for an average of 3 million daily transactions. 

Consumer demands are constantly changing. To keep up, iDEAL is launching The New iDEAL, also known as iDEAL 2.0. Discover the benefits and how it enables fast and easy payments for consumers.

A well-known payment method for almost 20 years

iDEAL has enabled fast, safe, and easy consumer payment for 19 years. It's a bank-to-bank transfer to which all major Dutch consumer banks are connected. Payments are made through the consumer's bank app or online banking environment and by scanning a QR code on their desktop for mobile payments. Whether it's a payment link from a company or a consumer payment request, iDEAL has multiple options.

iDEAL is beneficial for businesses as it enables fast payouts and no chargebacks. More and more companies and institutions are offering iDEAL. Consumers can use it to buy products, pay taxes, and donate to charity.

The New iDEAL

As the payment landscape continues to evolve, iDEAL is being modernized to keep up. The New iDEAL offers different services and functionalities. Below are the new services and functionalities included in the new iDEAL:

  • iDEAL Profile: Consumers can easily save their delivery details and preference accounts through their bank and iDEAL profile. They can share this information to complete the order and payment in one step. Consumers can also choose how to authorize payments through a QR code, iDEAL payment page, or via customer recognition in the banking app.

  • New infrastructure: A new infrastructure has been set up to offer the iDEAL profile. The goal of this renewed infrastructure is for payment providers to move from separate connections with banks to a single connection to the iDEAL Hub. The new infrastructure also has a centralized payment page where bank selection will now occur.

  • More iDEAL services in the future: iDEAL still has several value-added services on the agenda, such as a fast checkout and a better way to recognize returning shoppers. More on that soon.

How does the integration with The New iDEAL work?

Adyen will do the heavy lifting of upgrading your iDEAL connection to the new infrastructure. You will then receive detailed instructions on the next steps you need to take. Here is a preview:

  • If your webshop uses an Adyen pre-built component or plug-in, you need to update it to the latest version to remove bank selection from your checkout page. You can upgrade to the latest version as of July 2024.

  • You must remove the bank selection from your integration if you're using an API. This will be offered on the iDEAL payment page. This change to your integration can start immediately.

  • You must adjust your checkout integrations by April 2025.

Do you have questions about iDEAL or how Adyen can help your business? Reach out to our team.

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