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SurveyMonkey uses Adyen’s data and expertise to expand its global footprint

Find out how our data and expertise helped SurveyMonkey expand its global footprint.

August 17, 2016
 ·  2 minutes
SurveyMonkey uses Adyen’s data and expertise to expand its global footprint

SurveyMonkey is a leading provider of Web-based survey solutions that customers use to gather insights.

The freemium-model service has over 30 million users that create polls or questionnaires to learn about different topics, such as customer satisfaction. 

Since the company operates internationally, it needed apayments providerthat could help enable it to accept the right payment methods in that country, and scale quickly and globally.

We were specifically looking for someone who could facilitate payments in the countries we needed them in, offer all the different payment methods and make sure the approval rates stacked up and were maintained - and Adyen was able to deliver on all three,” said Ksenia Kouchnirenko, director of strategy and business development.

As a subscription-based merchant, it is crucial for SurveyMonkey that recurring payments are as frictionless as possible.

This includes offering local customers the option to set up subscriptions using their preferred payment methods.

Choosing Adyen to expand its global footprint

Our support for key payment methodsworldwide, subscription payments via both credit cards and local payment methods, all from one integration made us the right choice for the company.

SurveyMonkey, which is now in 190 countries, worked with us, and noticed approval rates increasing in countries where they had previously had some issues. 

“The Adyen team is with us all the way, from initial scoping, to helping us understand the specific requirements.” - Ksenia Kouchnirenko

SurveyMonkey has also benefited from our rich transaction data, which it uses tooptimize paymentsevery step of the way.  

Adyen’s biggest differentiator is its ability to leverage data from across merchants to help individual merchants optimize and deliver the right payments solutions. That has been incredibly helpful, and really shows Adyen as a true partner,” noted Kouchnirenko. 

This meant that by using our data and expertise, they could expand their global footprint and take their business to a new level.

Watch: SurveyMonkey goes global with Adyen

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