Salesforce Composable Storefront: Launch payments fast with our new headless integration

Effortlessly incorporate a robust global payment solution into your Salesforce powered online stores, straight out of the box.

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The ecommerce landscape continues to evolve significantly. Brands that sought quick launches with off-the-shelf solutions like Salesforce's Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) and Sitegenesis are looking to improve customer experience and increase storefront flexibility.

In response, Salesforce has opened up its technology stack, enabling brands to embrace a headless architecture through the release of Composable Storefront on B2C commerce.

To help enterprises who opt to use Composable Storefront on B2C commerce, we’ve developed a Composable Storefront payments integration that reduces implementation cost and time-to-market.

Incorporate global payment solutions in online stores in days

Our integration with Salesforce Composable Storefront allows brands to effortlessly incorporate a robust global payment solution into their online stores, straight out of the box.

Typically, a working payments integration takes months to unlock due to a customisable ecommerce system. On top of the complexity that comes with payments in general, there are many things to set-up, test, and configure.

Rather than spending months in development, brands can go from docs to live with Adyen payments on the Salesforce Composable Storefront stack in two days. Speed of integration depends mostly on familiarity with the new Salesforce stack, since all Adyen payments products are the same.

Support popular payment methods globally

Whether you aim to offer card payments, PayPal, Klarna, e-wallets, or pay-by-bank in your online checkout, our integration has it covered.

Shoppers can save their preferred payment methods, and businesses can activate multiple regional web stores with ease at no extra cost.

With our extensive network of global payment methods, you can offer customers a unified payment experience across all touchpoints, bolstered by advanced security measures such as tokenization and encryption.

Collaboration that powers success

Our latest integration with Salesforce Composable Storefront epitomizes the spirit of partnership. Together with Salesforce, we empower brands to offer effortless and secure payments that enhance the overall shopping experience.

Enjoy the benefits of The Adyen Composable Storefront package

The Adyen Composable Storefront package helps businesses who use Salesforce Commerce Cloud to streamline the payment setup process, enhance security, and improve overall efficiency with enterprise-grade financial technology.

This integration simplifies the payment process and sets a new standard for online shopping experiences, ultimately boosting merchant conversion rates.

The benefits of our integration are:

  • Fast go-live: businesses can start accepting payments on the Composable Storefront checkout page in two days from docs to live

  • Decreased costs over time: our integration enables seamless upgrades, new features, and support

  • Global and local payments methods: We offer popular payment methods globally, including cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and more

  • Enhanced security: Our integration reduces your PCI DSS obligations, letting you concentrate on growing your business.

Visit our integration on Salesforce AppExchange and dive into Adyen Docs for an overview of features, setup, and customization guidance.

If you want to learn more about using Salesforce Composable Commerce and Adyen Global Payments solution, contact sales.

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