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How You Can Stay Up-To-Date with Adyen Tech

by Kwok he Chu, Developer Advocate at Adyen

December 1, 2022
 ·  5 minutes
How You Can Stay Up-To-Date with Adyen Tech

Have you ever wondered how you can stay up-to-date with Adyen Tech? Allow me to introduce you to the Developer Relations Team at Adyen.

During lunch, maybe take a minute and ask your colleagues to define this role. There is a good chance you will get different answers or will not get an answer at all. Every company has a different perspective on how this role fits within their organization.

Our Developer Relations Team at Adyen enables developers to become successful with our APIs, platforms, technologies and other development tools. In the long term, we try to maximize product value for developers so they can integrate easier and faster by acting as a tech-focused bridge between Adyen and its merchants through the concept of Code, Content and Community.

In this blog post, we will take a look at how our Developer Relations Team at Adyen supports our developer community and how you can stay up-to-date with Adyen through GitHub, StackOverflow, Twitter, blogs, newsletters and several other platforms.


Find us on GitHub. We actively maintain a list of example integrations which showcase some of the core functionalities that our open source libraries and plugins offer. To enhance the developer experience, it’s possible for any developer to spin up our example integration on Gitpod, a remote cloud development environment. We have set up the required .yml files to allow you to run and debug the source code in your browser. Take one of our repositories and launch it by following the instructions in our readme file. Of course, running it on your localhost is possible as well!

We currently support the following languages: Java (Spring), Kotlin (Spring), Node.js, Angular, Vue.js, React, Ruby on Rails, PHP (Laravel), .NET, Python, Golang and Android.

We also monitor our open issues and pull requests the best we can. Is it a bug? Is it a feature request? Is it a configuration issue? We help our developer community by answering these questions and provide the solution they need to continue with their integrations. Depending on the issue, we make sure that we improve our documentation (or integration example itself) so that developers are less likely to run into the issue again.

With a team of four, maintaining and updating these integration examples comes with several challenges:

  • Maintain an up-to-date version of the latest Adyen Web Components/Drop-in.

  • Maintain the Adyen Ecommerce plugin demo applications.

  • Maintain up-to-date documentation that allow our developer community to use it as a reference.

  • Adding new functionalities to our example integrations.

  • Upgrade dependencies within the integration example (f.e. libraries or other framework dependencies). This includes vulnerabilities alerts identified by Dependabot.

  • Provide an end-to-end testing suite for our integration examples.


Below you can find a list of tech articles, blog posts and a monthly newsletter that might be relevant to you.


You can stay up-to-date with us by checking out our latest tech blogs. Aside from writing the blogs ourselves, we also encourage our engineers to write about topics that are worth sharing. We have highlighted several interesting ones below.

We also release content on Medium and for other topics that are relevant in the industry.

Monthly Newsletter

Sign up for our monthly developer newsletter to get all our announcements. This newsletter informs you about our upcoming events, past events, library releases notes and other useful resources. We handcraft these newsletters every month, so you can be assured that there will be no spam.


Next to GitHub, we are also active on several other platforms.


You can find us on StackOverflow of course! This is a community-driven space. While we actively monitor questions it is great to see that other contributors answer questions and help fellow developers move forward with their integration. It has also become a valuable knowledge base. Many answers that have helped developers in the past are still applicable to this day.

Meetups and Conferences

Catch us at meetups and conferences! We support local initiatives and are part of events that are relevant to Adyen and our technology stack. We share knowledge during these events and connect with other developers. At conferences, we often give talks or attend and engage with our developer community. Sometimes, we find our merchants there as well!


You can find us on Twitter@AdyenDevs! We give out regular community updates and show what we are up to at events, meetups or conferences.

Some food for thought

If you have a developer relations team in your company, feel free to book some time with them and share what your current challenges are within your role. Think about improvements in API documentation, better example integrations or improving existing processes that will benefit the overall developer experience. These important feedback loops are essential for building better and healthier products.

That’s why I would like to leave you with the following question that may help you get the conversation started: “If there’s one thing that would make your life as a developer easier, what could that be and how can we help you achieve that today?” Feedback is very valuable to us and we actively listen to our developer community.

Let us know on Twitter@AdyenDevs!


GitHub Integration Examples- Our example integration demos.

GitHub Libraries/Plugins - Our libraries and plugins.

Twitter- Our semi real-time updates.

Stackoverflow- You ask questions, we answer.

Developer Newsletter - Our monthly handcrafted updates.

Meetups- Our events and meetups.

Our technical resources for developers on Adyen, Medium and

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