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How Aeroméxico increased approval rates by 80%

Improving the customer experience and increasing revenue with data.

May 5, 2017
 ·  1 minute
How Aeroméxico increased approval rates by 80%

With Adyen’s smart data tools, Aeroméxico increased its card approval rate from 50% to 90%. Watch the video to learn more.

Founded in 1934, Aeroméxico has 82 years experience selling airline tickets. Today the airline operates more than 600 daily flights, to Asia, North America and Europe.

Aeroméxico continues to grow fast, but its core objective remains the same: to deliver the maximum convenience to its passengers.

It therefore needed a partner capable of scaling to match its growth, while ensuring a frictionless online payments experience.

Global reach and security were crucial, as was a smooth integration to its ecommerce platform.

"At Aeroméxico, we are pioneers in launching new ways to sell and pay for tickets. Having an advanced payment technology provider is indispensable to the success of these initiatives." Aeromexico Chief Revenue Officer, Anko Van Der Werff.

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