The 2023 Hospitality Guide

Welcome to the world of payments for hospitality. Whether you want to prevent fraud, recognize returning guests, or offer smooth check-ins and check-outs, this guide has got you covered.

  • An overview of the hospitality payments landscape

  • Practical tips

  • Local and regional insights

  • Checklist to evaluate your payments setup

Hospitality guide 2023

An overview of the hospitality payments landscape

Understand the major players alongside hotels and the main touchpoints in the guest’s journey.

Payment using a wallet

Practical tips

Follow best practices in offering local payment methods, combining online and in-person payments, becoming PCI compliant, and using payments data for your marketing.

Looking at payment insights

Local and regional insights

Discover the top payment methods, popular sales channels, highest spending customers, and much more.

Person making a payment on a phone


Evaluate your current payments framework and identify any gaps.

Two people looking at an Ipad

Why payments?

Reach more guests

55% of North American guests don’t complete their reservations if they can’t pay how they want.

Gain competitive advantage

Only 39% of North American hospitality businesses use payments data to improve customer experience.

Cut down costs

42% of North American hospitality businesses saw significant costs from fraud and chargebacks.

Get the guide

Dive in for the latest on fraud prevention, guest recognition, and seamless customer journeys. A world of data and insights waits for you.

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