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Give your QSR customers what they crave

New research shows how payments improves and evolves the fast casual customer experience

June 17, 2020
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Give your QSR customers what they crave

For quick service and fast casual restaurants looking to simplify their operations, scale quickly, and serve their customers wherever they may be – a unifiedpayments platformcould be the answer.

Now more than ever, our food is powered by technology. QSRs provide fast, convenient ways for people to feed their families. Offering contactless payment methods, mobile apps, and drive-throughs have rapidly gone from nice-to-haves to important elements of digital commerce.

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We partnered with 451 Researchto ask people what they wanted most from QSRs, and the hunger for end-to-end ease and speed is clear. Improved checkout experiences, upgraded mobile apps, and better location-based technologies that offer coupons and product information were consistent requests.

Key research takeaways for today’s QSRs

  • 40% consumers agreed they are more loyal to QSRs that use technology to make the dining experience quicker and more convenient.
  • Meet your customers where they are. More than 60% of shoppers said the ability to pay for products or services through a messaging app would increase their likelihood to make purchases.
  • With the right experience, diners are in it for the long term. 39% would prefer a serverless dining experience i.e. to order and pay at the table themselves using technology.

To reach customers wherever, however they choose means QSRs must putcontextual commerceinto play. Using preferred channels, like social media, connected devices, or third-party apps while still providing a cohesive, thoughtful experience is vitally important.

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Three central themes run through every purchasing decision modern consumers make, from POS kiosks to online orders:

  • Convenience: Fast, easy, and frictionless dining experiences
  • Context: Personalized offers and customized ordering
  • Control: Giving diners choice over how to order and pay

The quality of the digital experience is as important as the food when keeping customers engaged, happy, and coming back for more. Transforming your payments system with a unified payment platform is an immediate and scalable way to address these demands.

For example, Adyen canlink payment cardsto loyalty programs so customers never miss out on rewards no matter what channel they shop on, and businesses can gain valuable customer insights.

Chowing down — on every channel

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Adyen can help you understand spending and profitability across channels. It also helps you identify diner behavior — whether in store, in app, or online.

How a unified platform simplifies QSR payments

Unified commerce, also called omnichannel, means customers can move freely between purchasing channels, whether that’s a laptop, a mobile phone, or a physical store. The Adyen platform brings simplicity and scalability through one standard integration — the same technology, terminals, and infrastructure applies no matter where you operate. This means you can offer your customers a consistent brand experience around the globe.

A unified back-end platform is just as critical for the QSR managers running the businesses. The Adyen Dashboard Essentials offers real-time insights and a place to see all transaction stats in one place – by store and in aggregate.

Being able to see daily sales data in a dedicated homepage helps restaurants make more strategic decisions about the business and react quickly to trends. It also simplifies ownership changes or new store additions and helps franchisees fight fraud and reduce chargebacks.

With Adyen, you’ll be better equipped to meet the needs of your QSR customers. Spending less time connecting the dots in your data and more time improving the entire payments journey – keeping customers full and happy.

Is your QSR payment platform slowing down the customer experience?

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