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Make online payments effortless with our single financial technology platform

Technology and innovation will continue to propel the digital economy forward. They remain the key to coming out on top today. Here’s how effortless online payments will lead the charge for enterprise businesses.

November 9, 2023
 ·  5 minutes

Behind every seemingly simple transaction hides a world of technology and knowledge. From creating seamless payment journeys on the frontend to processing payments with banks to staying ahead of fraud, there are a lot of connecting parts. And a lot of room for error. 

Streamlining the end-to-end payment process holds enormous potential. The right financial technology can strengthen your business at the core and give your business the competitive edge it needs.

Here’s how our single platform will help you unlock long-term business value.

Big businesses need enterprise-level online payments

The bigger the business, the bigger the impact small problems will have. This is especially true when working with payment providers that don’t offer full-stack solutions. Small problems can quickly snowball into significant challenges.

The accumulated numbers are intimidating. E-commerce businesses lost $30 billion in revenue due to failed transactions in 2021 alone, and 20% of subscription churn is estimated to be involuntary. 

To support enterprise businesses’ need for reliable online payments at large volumes, we built technology that increases the speed, stability, and consistency of online payments. We control the end-to-end payment process on our single financial technology platform. 

Streamlining the entire online payment process on our single platform has many benefits. Reducing dependencies and points of potential error is a major one.

Optimize payments with our large data ecosystem

Making the right decisions is crucial when the pressure is on for many digital enterprises to cut costs, lower subscription churn, and reduce overhead. Data lets businesses make informed decisions rather than rely on guesswork.

Payments data is valuable in helping to fight fraud, optimize payment routing, and even gain valuable customer insights.

Our platform processes payments for many of the world’s leading businesses, giving us a large and rich data ecosystem. We use that data to help our customers improve their proactive and reactive decision-making, increase speed, and optimize the cost of payments.

Take subscription churn, for example. In many cases, churn is involuntarily caused by things like a customer’s card details changing. Reminding customers to update their details takes substantial resources and has limited success.

Our large data ecosystem allows us to increase authorization rates by updating card details automatically or using Network Tokens for the card schemes that support them. 

We continuously drive optimizations with machine learning to improve performance across the payment lifecycle and ensure our customers benefit from our comprehensive data ecosystem.

Gain global reach with local expertise with a single payment provider

For businesses that sell in different countries, the complexity of payments increases exponentially. Offering local payment methods is critical to success in global markets, with 55% of consumers leaving a purchase if they can’t pay the way they want.

Thanks to our direct connections to payment schemes and banking networks, we offer high performance on payments worldwide. With over 200+ relevant local payment methods, customers can pay how they want.

Letting customers pay with cards, bank-based payments, and alternative payment methods will increase conversion rates and reduce processing costs in every market in which you operate. You can reach more customers and diversify by adding new markets with a single provider.

The best thing? Our global reach is accessible with the same API. With our global banking infrastructure and local licenses, you don’t have to worry about complex local regulations. We guide enterprise businesses through regulations like PSD3 and make sure you can accept online payments globally.

Unlock lasting value with the fintech platform that’s shaping the industry

When we started offering online payments 16 years ago, the online economy was still in its infancy. Since then, payments have proven to be more than a cost center. They’ve shown their power in helping enterprises unlock lasting business value by driving revenue and gain a competitive edge by freeing up valuable internal resources.

With our single financial technology platform built entirely in-house, you need one API integration to access our global banking infrastructure. Experience elite payments performance that directly impacts your revenue by increasing full-funnel conversion with dedicated account managers who help you optimize your business with payments.

From there, the possibilities are endless. Enterprises that process online payments with us can expand to in-store payments or even explore opening a marketplace with automated and instant payouts. All with that same API, costing minimal integration efforts. 

The continued year-on-year growth of the digital economy shows that we’re nowhere near the end of what’s possible. As we continue to develop our company and product suite with our customers, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Don’t just sit by and watch the future unfold. Embrace the opportunity and drive innovation with online payments. Want to learn more? Get in touch today.

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