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How BlaBlaCar accelerated its international expansion

Discover how a leading ride-sharing company expanded its business and increased conversion rates.

July 1, 2024
 ·  6 minutes
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BlaBlaCar connects drivers with passengers looking for rides, transforming how people travel. 

In 2014, BlaBlaCar set out to monetize its platform, facing the challenge of improving customer experience while expanding internationally. To address this, they needed a payment partner capable of providing effortless, secure transactions. This required expertise, an easy-to-integrate technical solution, and the ability to keep pace with rapid market expansion.

Adyen’s agile payment technology and international presence enabled BlaBlaCar to achieve these goals. Since its success in France, it has expanded to over twenty countries. This growth has been supported by Adyen, BlaBlaCar’s trusted payment partner for the past ten years. 

Today, BlaBlaCar is evolving into a comprehensive shared travel platform, aiming to become the default marketplace for shared mobility, including bus and train journeys.

We spoke to Ashley Yeh, Senior Product Manager - Payments at BlaBlaCar, about their partnership with Adyen. Discover how we helped enhance the payment experience for users worldwide and drive business growth.

Enhancing the payment experience

Challenge: Meeting diverse payment preferences in car-sharing

Customers want payment methods they’re familiar with. Since car-sharing is low-cost, it’s often popular among users that don’t own credit cards. This makes it important to offer payment methods that they prefer, which is often local payment methods. For instance, over 60% of online transactions in the Netherlands are done via iDEAL. In Poland, consumers prefer BLIK, while in Brazil, they prefer Pix.

Solution: Embracing local payment methods for effortless transactions

Digital businesses need to offer the payment methods customers expect and make the payment flow user-friendly to create a smooth mobile payment journey.

With Adyen, BlaBlaCar has access to 250 payment methods worldwide, making it possible to adapt to local preferences and offer popular payment options, all via a single platform.

With Adyen’s help, payment processes on both the app and the mobile site were easy to use. All payments are sent to one centralized system, enabling BlaBlaCar to see every transaction in one place, regardless of the payment platform used.

Result: Increased conversion

BlaBlaCar integrated with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and BLIK. By integrating BLIK in Poland, BlaBlaCar increased conversion rates by 25%. Adding digital wallets increased user confidence as customers saw BlaBlaCar and Adyen's capacity to adapt and evolve, resulting in a 10% increase in conversion rates at checkout.

BlaBlaCar app users can organize a last minute trip in just a few clicks, without payment-related disruptions. This encouraged BlaBlaCar to adopt a mobile-first strategy for their expansion into new markets.

Geographical expansion and new product development

Challenge: Navigating the complexities of regional expansion and product diversification

One of the big challenges in expanding is making different transportation options work together smoothly. This means coordinating systems and data from various providers and ensuring that users have a seamless experience across different modes of travel.

Solution: Fast and easy integrations

Adyen helped BlaBlaCar quickly integrate payment systems and operational features as it expanded into new regions and launched new products.

Result: Business growth while enhancing customer experiences

Together with Adyen, BlaBlaCar expanded to new regions and added new products quickly while maintaining a high-quality customer experience. 

BlaBlaCar currently connects over 4,000 bus operators and passengers. This year, it’s expanding its offerings to include train reservations through the platform, starting with Spain and later expanding to France and other markets. Additionally, BlaBlaCar is introducing options for shorter distance ride shares alongside its traditional car-sharing services. The company has also begun operating buses and is developing new routes in Eastern Europe.

10 years into the partnership and BlaBlaCar is still growing

Today, BlaBlaCar has more than 26 million active members annually across 21 countries and more than two million meeting points. The partnership with Adyen has not only supported BlaBlaCar's growth but has also paved the way for continuous innovation in the mobility sector

As BlaBlaCar diversifies its offerings, the collaboration with Adyen remains pivotal. To take it one step further, BlaBlaCar is using two of Adyen's new products:

  • Real Time Account Updater+ ensures uninterrupted transactions by automatically updating expired card information, improving authorization rates and recovering up to 10% of potentially declined transactions, maintaining a seamless customer experience.

  • Network Tokenization transforms payment account numbers into tokens, facilitating secure online and recurring payments. This streamlined process enhances speed with one-click transactions and boosts conversion rates by ensuring the constant availability of card information.

BlaBlaCar and Adyen are committed to pushing the boundaries of shared mobility. With plans to expand into new markets and introduce additional services, their partnership exemplifies strategic collaboration driving innovation and growth. Adyen's support is crucial as BlaBlaCar revolutionizes travel, adapting to users' evolving needs. Together, they are shaping the future of global transportation, ensuring every journey is smooth and efficient.

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