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Adopting Jetpack Compose

by Khaleel Freeman, Android Developer

July 12, 2022
 ·  1 minute
A drawing of a phone with a puzzle piece on it, and many other items around and two hands placing more puzzle pieces. The drawing is in the main color theme of Adyen, dark blue, green and white.

Back in early May, Adyen was present atKotlinDevDayin Amsterdam. The single day conference was a great way for the Kotlin community to come back together after a 2 year hiatus. One of the tracks even took place right in the stadium!

During the event,Khaleel Freeman (one of our Android Developers) joined the stage to tell more about our adoption of Jetpack compose at Adyen and insights we gained along the way.

One of the main applications of Android at Adyen is payment terminals, whether they are on specific hardware or consumer devices like phones. Jetpack Compose helps our developers create reusable components across a large panel of devices with different themes while leveraging functional programming to maintain a great and productive Developer Experience.

We went through a few iterations to hit the right spot, but thanks to Jetpack Compose, refactoring was and remains a painless experience.

Enough said, the complete video is available here! Have a look at it, it's only 20 minutes.

If you have any comments or want to know more, just hit us up onTwitter! Oh, andwe're hiringMobile folks so don't hesitate to apply ☺️!

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