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A platforms collaboration that glides globally

How Palisis uses smart payments to power its tourism solutions

April 26, 2022
 ·  6 minutes
A platforms collaboration that glides globally

Of all the industries that bore the brunt of the pandemic, it was perhaps tourism that was the most visibly shaken. The lines we’re so familiar with in big cities, synonymous with tourist attractions and general inquiry into undiscovered places, disappeared overnight as everyone sheltered in place. For a lot longer than expected. And for quite some time, the tourism industry around the globe shouldered the pain of the world’s unmoving inhabitants.

For many, this also meant standing still, paralyzed by lack of money coming in. But for others, it meant breathing room to plan for the possibility of a better, more structured and streamlined future. One such business planning–not only for their more streamlined future, but for their customers’, was Palisis - a global ticketing system you’ve almost certainly encountered, be it on a tour bus or boat, entering a ski lift or accessing a museum.

For Head of Sales Josef Birchler, the essence of the project was simple: to simplify. They wanted anembedded paymentssolution that would ring true for all of their users globally, that would be easy to operate and to scale as they enter new markets.

Before the pandemic hit, a lot of their onboarding and consolidation processes had been siloed in a very traditional manner. Their objective as covid kept their users from processing was to make sure that when the business returned, that it would be easier than ever before to pay–no matter who you are or where in the world you’re paying. And that was where Adyen came in.

Given the global nature of Palisis users and that a lot of their payment and ticketing devices would need to be used outdoors, Palisis's demands of Adyen were twofold. They required both sturdy POS devices, and a solid, quick onboarding process to allow hundreds, even thousands of users get up and running on the platform with ease.

Technology for the masses

Palisis covers multiple sales channels from ecommerce to in person and call center sales. In the past, they were working with multiple payment gateways as there was no solution on the market adequately covering all channels and the breadth of the markets they operate in - which is currently 120 countries.

This fragmentation of their payment operations created a hesitance internally to integrate deeply with any of their previously used payment gateways. And so led to a clunky user experience in terms of know-your-customer(KYC) checks during the onboarding process. Instead of an automatic process, there was a coalition of spreadsheets, docs and online onboardings. Given the amount of providers they were working with, there were also discrepancies in pricing for their users.

Additionally, Palisis were hoping to combine a handheld ticketing machine with a POS device, which Adyen now offers as a function in its new Android terminal. These new terminals are all-in-one devices that help businesses conduct a range of functions from a single device, leading to a big reduction in queues.

A tactical solve for global users

The solution to a complicated payments problem is often a simple one: and for Palisis, it comes down to Adyen for Platforms, which Palisis rolled out in March 2021. Initially, the solution was localized to Europe and was later launched globally.

Adyen for Platforms was the preferred course for Palisis as it meant the company could consolidate its payment partners and enter new markets with ease. Consolidation also means less contracts, fee cutting, and less time spent on partner management. “Adyen offers a wide range of coverage in terms of countries and extends this constantly,” notes Josef. “In the end, the well-documented API with its features really helped.” The global nature of the business–operating in 120 countries–and the global capabilities of AFP would ultimately prove a perfect collaboration. No matter where in the world Palisis’ users were onboarding, they could be processing payments in no time at all and receive the same consistent user experience and payment capabilities. Additionally, they are afforded the benefit of the huge amount of local payment methods available on Adyen for Platforms.

“The rollout of Adyen for platforms and the Adyen terminal was by far the smoothest in terms of partners in the last 10 years of company history"

Josef Birchler

Palisis were also among some of the first Adyen customers to begin processing on our brand new S1F2 Android terminals. “Together with the new Android devices, we can offer our users one payment gateway for all channels, including a seamless setup process for our users within our systems,” continues Birchler, who initially rolled out the new devices to Western Europe, then launched hundreds more, having seen the success of the initial rollout. The new terminals have proved popular specifically with outdoor - operating merchants.

Rewarding results

Consolidating partners and implementing new technologies always comes with a question: was the promise of success worth the investment in time and resources? For Palisis the answer became evident quickly and as tourism returns globally, will only produce more encouraging numbers.

“Across the board, there was a massive decrease in resource demand on various departments; from finance, development, procurement and sales. For sales especially, the ease of setup increased the arguments for our system,” says Josef. For finance, there was now just one source of data for settlements - Adyen’s Customer Area. For development, there was a single supplier, so less manual effort and time spent on integrations. For procurement, there was a decrease in setup and shipping, and one source of truth for sim cards, and terminal repairs services.

“Our clients went from taking one month to one day for onboarding - and terminal setup time from one hour to five minutes"

Josef Birchler

Given Palisis’ pilot of Adyen’s new S1F2 Android terminals, they’re only just realizing the impact of a consolidated ticketing and payment system. And as tourism returns to pre-pandemic levels the efficacy of their investment in the new technologies is only just being realized. “We will continue to add new functionalities from AFP to make the experience for our users as easy as possible. This will include an extended portfolio of hardware, like self-service terminals for indoor and outdoor usage based on Adyen technology coming this year to serve the needs of our clients,” says Josef.

Given the demands of the modern consumer when it comes to time, efficiency and accessibility, the benefits of a consolidated, speedy system to a tourism-dependent provider like Palisis are innumerable. Implementing one global platform to handle all of their payments has proved that not only is it time efficient for internal teams, but for their clients also; the investment paying off in hoursandcents.

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