Adyen Index: Retail Report 2024

Balancing customer experience and business efficiency

This report combines insights from consumer and business research and industry experts to uncover how retailers can find the perfect balance between customer experience and business efficiency.

The research







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Against a backdrop of changing regulations, new payment methods, new technologies, new competitors, and new business models, retailers in Hong Kong face the challenge of maintaining differentiation while ensuring efficiency.

Expectations are high and budgets are tight. But challenging times often provide the richest growth opportunities. New technology and rising customer expectations are helping to raise the bar across the industry. And the retailers in Hong Kong that stay ahead of the curve, will reap the rewards. The key to success is staying on top of customer demands without adding unnecessary complexity to your business, which poses the question:

How can retailers in Hong Kong balance amazing customer experience with operational efficiency?


of consumers in Hong Kong will abandon a purchase if they can’t pay how they want


of businesses in Hong Kong that connect their backend systems reported increased sales


higher revenue growth is predicted by businesses in Hong Kong that know the majority of their shoppers


of consumers in Hong Kong feel more unsafe shopping today than they did 10 years ago because of payment fraud

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Customer experience and business efficiency are often seen as opposing forces. However, our research finds that combining the two can unlock exciting growth opportunities. 

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