Embedding sustainable practices 
in day-to-day business

We’re committed to mitigating our impact and making measurable changes for the long term through our carbon removal efforts.

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To generate long-term environmental change, we incorporate responsible practices in our daily operations. It’s not enough to own where our emissions come from. We’re proactively working to reduce them. It’s an ongoing process.
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Accounting for our emissions

We want to account for all emission categories like energy consumption across our entire value chain. To do this, we manage our Greenhouse Gas (GHG) accounting in-house. Every year, we conduct a comprehensive GHG inventory across our business in line with the GHG Protocol and disclose our environmental footprint publicly

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Investing in carbon removal

We find innovative ways to increase our environmental accountability and our positive impact. Not only do we cut our emissions, but we also support high-quality carbon removal projects in partnership with CarbonX.

We also set an internal carbon price to improve our understanding of the climate implications of our business decisions. Our carbon price helps establish our contribution model for directing funds towards durable carbon removal projects.