Fondazione Progetto Arca onlus

Working tirelessly every day, providing first aid, fostering inclusion, and offering assistance and listening to the most vulnerable.

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Since 1994, Fondazione Progetto Arca onlus has been committed to providing concrete help to those who find themselves in a state of serious poverty and social marginalisation: homeless people, families in economic and housing emergency, people with addiction problems, migrants fleeing wars and poverty. Every day, Progetto Arca offers listening and assistance on the street, hot meals and food parcels, the possibility of a safe place to sleep, medical care and shelter in real homes to thousands of poor people.

Your donation in action

Your donation will go towards helping the most vulnerable individuals whom Progetto Arca assists every day: the homeless, families in economic and housing emergencies, and people fleeing from wars and poverty. To these individuals, we offer assistance, care, shelter, and food support – tangible help to overcome their challenging times and regain control of their lives.

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