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Scale payments in-store with Adyen for Platforms

How Modernizing Medicine and Zenoti are using Adyen’s point of sale solution to grow their businesses

10 September, 2020
 ·  4 minutes
Scale payments in-store with Adyen for Platforms

To say the platform economy has arrived would be a giant understatement. Everything today, from shopping and entertainment to healthcare and wellness, relies on technology platforms to serve customers and keep things running efficiently.

It's no small feat that platforms must continually evolve and pivot to stay ahead of new trends and competition.Adyen for Platforms is here to help. Our unified solution simplifies payments across all digital and in-person channels while offering more flexibility to suit specific platform needs.

Helping platforms streamline payments in-store

It used to be that seamless, consumer-centric experiences were exclusive to large companies with endless resources. But now, software as a service (SaaS) platforms are putting personalised customer journeys and next-generation capabilities within reach for all kinds of businesses.

These software companies are solving challenges for an ever-widening set of use cases across industries. And many of the small businesses who rely on them (such as medical offices, hair salons, spas, golf courses, and more) also look to them to help meet their payments challenges.

That’s why we built Adyen for Platforms to simplify and streamline payments in a single integration. Customisable for any business model, our unified payments platform is global, secure, and compliant, helping platforms fully own their payments setup and offer payments as a service to their customers.

POS added to Adyen for Platforms

Easy in-person payments

We’re proud to announce that we’re bringingunified commerceto Adyen for Platforms with our full range of point of sale (POS) terminals. In just a few clicks, platforms can order terminals and ship them to their customers so they can quickly begin accepting in-person payments. At the same time, the platform retains full control over the experience.

Terminal range for you Adyen

Pre-certified and easy to set up, our POS terminals help platforms hit the ground running. And because every Adyen terminal comes fully certified for EMV (chip cards) and contactless,innovative checkout experiences like curbside pick up are a breeze. Platforms can completely customise their customer experience systematically via API, thanks to Adyen for Platforms and ourTerminal API.

Platforms are transforming customer experiences everywhere. Here’s how two best-in-class companies are using Adyen for Platforms to exceed their end-users business goals.

Modernizing Medicine lgog

Modernizing Medicine® helps simplify the patient and practice experience with modmed® Pay

On a mission to transform how healthcare information is created, consumed, and utilised in the US,Modernizing Medicine helps doctors improve operational efficiency. Looking to optimise both the practice and patient experiences, this leading healthcare technology solution provider chose Adyen to offer point of sale and online payments in a single payments processing system.

Adyen’s unified approach for payments lets Modernizing Medicine simplify its payments processing operations by streamlining provider onboarding, payment acceptance, and disbursement all in one place. In just a few clicks, users on the modmed Pay platform can order, send, and manage newPOS terminalsand seamlessly collect payments from customers online and in-person.

“As a provider of modern cloud platforms, we needed a payments platform that could fully integrate with our entire suite of cloud software offerings and scale with the size of our customer base. Adyen was the clear choice.”

Joe HarpazPresident and COO, Modernizing Medicine

“As a tech company, [Adyen] understands how to support mission-critical healthcare platforms and the different methods of payments integration our customers require. We are pleased with the support and technology, which has enabled us to deliver a seamlessly integrated payments experience for medical practices," says Harpaz.

Zenoti logo

Zenoti applies advanced technology to the spa experience

Created to simplify and streamline the day-to-day of running wellness businesses,Zenotiis the leading cloud software for spas, salons, and fitness centers. The platform’s technology helps its customers elevate the guest experience, unify brand and operations, and automate business operations.

Looking to simplify the payments setup across sales channels and regions for its users, Zenoti chose Adyen to support its POS and online payments in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, with plans to launch internationally.

“Adyen was the right choice for us for a few reasons,” says Dheeraj Koneru, Senior Vice President of Sales at Zenoti.

“Their global reach was unmatched, the implementation was easy and quick, and most importantly, like us, they are a technology-first company that puts a focus on innovation. We are looking forward to continuing our leadership with the most integrated offering in the industry.”

Dheeraj KoneruSenior Vice President of Sales, Zenoti

Harness the power of payments for your platform

Providing a simplified experience for your users and their customers is paramount in today’s fast-changing world. That’s why Adyen makes it easy to onboard new users, accept payments, and settle funds all in one place with our completely customisable payments solution.

To learn more about Adyen for Platforms and our point of sale, check out ourfull range of terminals andsingle integration. Or,send us a messagewith your specific questions.

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