Stay ahead with Adyen's pricing model: Unlock its unique benefits in the UAE

In the dynamic world of payment processing, businesses in the UAE are constantly seeking ways to optimize their operations, gain more transparency, and reduce costs. At Adyen, we value the element of transparency, which is why we offer a pricing model that is unique in the Middle East.

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Unlike other payment processors we apply a fixed processing fee + a fee based on the chosen payment method for every transaction. (see image below)

Not only does this pricing model bring in more transparency, but it’s also adaptive to regulatory changes, so businesses that partner with Adyen can always be prepared for any new regulations. 

In other words, when new regulations come into effect in the UAE, businesses with Adyen can seamlessly adapt without any additional effort. The Adyen pricing model, Interchange++ or IC++, implements any changes in interchange or scheme fees automatically, ensuring compliance with minimal disruption.

IC++ is proving to be a win-win for UAE merchants, leading to increased card usage, cost savings, and greater transparency in payment processing.

Benefits of IC++ for businesses

1. Gain Transparency down to every transaction: With IC++, businesses gain a clear understanding of the true cost of each transaction. This level of transparency is crucial for businesses aiming to make informed decisions about their payment processing strategies. By knowing the exact breakdown of fees, merchants can identify areas where they can negotiate better rates or optimize their payment setup.

2. Always be prepared for regulatory changes: Globally, there is a growing trend of regulatory practices aimed at reducing transaction costs for merchants. The Middle East, including the UAE, is no exception. Regulatory changes can often require significant adjustments from businesses and payment processors. However, with Adyen's IC++ model, businesses are fully prepared for any regulatory shifts.

3. Optimize and control payment costs: IC++ empowers businesses to take control of their costs. Since the fees are broken down into specific components, businesses can negotiate better rates with processors. This flexibility allows them to choose the pricing model that best suits their needs, leading to significant cost savings.

4. Tailor your pricing for maximum efficiency: This model offers unparalleled flexibility. Businesses can tailor their pricing to align with their business objectives, whether they prioritize lower costs, higher transparency, or a combination of both. This adaptability is especially beneficial for businesses operating in a competitive market like the UAE, where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount.

Understanding Interchange++ (IC++)

Adyen's IC++ pricing model breaks down transaction fees into three distinct components: 

1. Interchange Fees: These fees are paid to the card issuers (banks that issue credit or debit cards to consumers). 

2. Scheme Fees: These are paid to card networks such as Visa and Mastercard. 

3. Acquirer Fees: These are paid to the Business’s payment processor, in this case, Adyen. This transparent structure allows merchants to see exactly where their money is going, enabling better financial planning and cost management.

 If you want to take a peek at the fees applied by every payment method, have a look here.

Adyen's Interchange++ pricing model is a game-changer for UAE businesses. By offering transparency, cost control, and flexibility, IC++ enables them to optimize their payment processing strategies effectively. As regulatory practices continue to evolve, Adyen ensures that its merchants are always prepared, making it the ideal partner for businesses looking to thrive in the competitive UAE market. Contact us today to discover how your business can unlock these benefits.

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