UAE Retail Report 2024

Balancing customer experience and business efficiency

This report combines insights from research conducted on UAE consumers, businesses, as well as industry experts, to uncover how retailers can find the perfect balance between customer experience and business efficiency.

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38,000 (1,000 in UAE)


13,000 (500 in UAE)




UAE Retail Report 2024

Tipping point

Welcome to our annual retail report, where we analyze a full year of market data and consumer behaviors from the UAE to uncover the latest retail trends, identify challenges, and suggest solutions. In 2023, the UAE's economy and retail sector demonstrated remarkable strength, achieving its highest GDP growth since 2006, with a figure of $507.53 billion —a 22.29% increase from the previous year. What does this mean for UAE retailers? This surge in growth offers new opportunities to adapt and flourish as consumer habits continue to evolve. The key to success is meeting customer demands without introducing unnecessary complexity to your business, which poses the question:

How can retailers balance amazing customer experience with operational efficiency?

How can retailers balance amazing customer experience with operational efficiency?


of UAE consumers will abandon a purchase if they can’t pay how they want


of UAE businesses that connect their backend systems reported increased sales


higher revenue growth is predicted in 2024 by businesses that know the majority of their shoppers


of consumers in the UAE feel more unsafe shopping today than they did 10 years ago because of payment fraud

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Customer experience and business efficiency are often seen as opposing forces. However, our research finds that combining the two can unlock exciting growth opportunities. 

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