Gobal payment processing tailored to your business

Enter new markets, easily add new payment methods, and access advanced functionalities all via a single provider.

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Everything in one place – from accepting payments to receiving funds.

Provide all relevant card connections globally.

Access the latest technologies when you connect to our single platform.

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Wherever your business takes, we’ll be there

We're both the acquirer and the local guide to the payment world. We own the acquiring licenses with the card schemes, and provide you with the guidance and knowledge needed in card payments within your market and globally. With our payment processing, you can get the most out of every transaction.

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Adyen Acquiring

Australia, Brazil, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, United States

Partner Acquirers

We also provide international payment processing solutions in countries where full-stack Adyen Acquiring is not yet available. Kindly get in touch with our Sales team to explore the available options for your local businesses.

Transparent pricing

We use a more transparent pricing model "Interchange ++", to ensure you have an accurate view of costs and interchange fees. With this model, you'll get get clearer insights and know exactly what you're paying for.

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"Adyen helps us with local acquiring in the US, which had a positive effect not only on our top line but also on the bottom line. Through local acquiring, we were able to reduce our bank declines by 21%.”

Dennis Friemerding Team Lead Payments, Flixbus

Boost authorization rates

With full ownership of the entire payment flow, we connect businesses directly to global and local card schemes. You’ll benefit from local market conditions, which generate much higher authorization rates and lower transaction fees.

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Real-time reporting and data updates

Experience an easier way to manage your business, with a full view of cross-channel activities, from in-store to online. Access one single place to get all your detailed insights, and use data tools to recognize each customer.

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“Adyen’s global reach is key for us to be able to increase our penetration with more payment methods.”

Andy Wiggan Head of Payments, Spotify

Settle at your convenience in your preferred currency

Get paid in one or two days and in the currency you prefer due to our extensive global coverage of over 30 currencies, and experience better settlement performance.

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Why should I choose Adyen’s global payment processing?

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Expanding into new countries the easy way

Want to expand to new countries or new regions? It can be a challenge dealing with laws, schemes, and the complexity of global payment processing. Our global acquiring platform helps with your expansion plans. And, our team of payments specialists will gladly guide you every step of the way.

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New provider, payment methods, and channels

Doing business locally and looking for a new payment provider? We offer the latest technology that’s always ready for the most relevant payment methods for each local market. Also wanting to take your business to new sales channels? We’re ready for point of sale, ecommerce, mobile, or everything together with our Unified Commerce solution.

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Reducing complex payment setups for global business

Are you an international business with many payment providers and global payment systems, and are looking to optimize your global payment processing setup? We know how complex it is dealing with many different payment providers. Our global platform delivers more than multiple providers can offer. Using a single integration you will have one place for reporting and reconciliation for all your transactions.

Discover how we can boost your revenue

Customers who partnered with us, were able to:

  • Expand into new markets and offer local payment methods with a single integration

  • Use analytical tools to boost card approval rates, netting millions in new revenue

  • Reduce fraud and chargebacks to save millions

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Ready to take the next step?

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