Data Connect for Marketing

Connect shopper profiles across channels using payments data

Understand customer shopping behavior using first-party payments data and improve your personalization.

A person shopping with a customer area widget showing their lifetime value

Connect omnichannel transactions

Automatically link in store transactions to individuals, regardless of payment method, using payment identifiers.

Understand complete customer journeys

Unlock granular shopper insights and retroactively mine transactions across channels and regions.

Optimize your marketing spend

Improve your return on ad-spend by enhancing attribution models.

Power your marketing with payments data

Identify the real customer lifetime value

Add in-store and online transactions to shopper profiles and get full visibility on purchase journeys. Eliminate guesswork when calculating acquisition budgets.

Total spend during shopper lifetime

Segment and target shoppers accurately

Identify high-value shoppers from one-off customers to optimize marketing spend. Deliver personalized experiences, improve product recommendations, and boost conversion rates.

Customer segmentation

Personalize customer experience

Use unique payment-behavior segmentations to personalize promotions and experiences to improve conversion rates.

Shopper loyalty

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"Our top priority is gaining a deeper understanding of our customers. Payments data helps us with a 360 surgical identification of individual shoppers who transact with us across multiple channels sometimes with even different registrations."

Ángel Vázquez Cabezas Head of Customer Success for Pepe Jeans

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