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Portable, queue-busting POS

Adyen Verifone V400M Terminal Image

Verifone V400M

Service friendly

Large touchscreen for display impact and ease of use.

Non-stop service

Charging base system for battery top-ups throughout the day.


Beacon and Bluetooth technology enables advanced customer journeys.

What's in the kit

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161mm L x 73mm W x 59mm H / 6.3" L x 2.9" W x 2.3" H

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Charging base powered RS-232, dial-up, Ethernet, USB client, USB host, Bluetooth

Network icon

Connectivity housing includes wifi 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz wifi, 4G, Bluetooth 4.2

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Power plug options for Europe, United States, and some Asia-Pacific regions

Battery icon

Battery 3.8 V/2890 mAH Li-ion; PSU: 100- 240 VAC w/ output DC 5 V, 2.2 amp

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Contactless, ewallet reader, triple bi-directional MSR

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3.5" color capacitive touchscreen

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Gift card acceptance reader

Speaker icon

Mono audio speaker

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~310g / 0.68lbs

Tech specs


1024MB Memory (512 MB Flash, 512 MB SDRAM)

600 MHz, Cortex A9 32-bit RISC processor, 1500 MIPS + graphic accelerator 

EMV certified for all major schemes




Adyen Terminal API and API over cloud (no additional payment libraries required) 

Libraries: Android, C, COM, iOS, JNI 

Acquiring optimization

Fully certified on Adyen acquiring for EU, US, CA, SGP and AUS via one integration

Universal features

Here are just a few more out-of-the-box features you can expect

Customer experience

  • Fully EMV (chip) enabled
  • Pre-loaded local payment methods
  • Credit, debit and gift cards
  • Digital wallets (Alipay, WeChat, Samsung, Apple, Android)
  • Dynamic currency conversion
  • Customer recognition and recurring payments
  • Pay in own language
  • Add a tip option
  • Tax-free shopping with your preferred tax-free provider


  • Real-time remote updates
  • Plug and play terminal installation
  • Extended warranties and field service support
  • Unparalleled data

Connectivity and security

  • Simple integration with Terminal API
  • 4G network fallback
  • Offline processing 
Adyen Countertop P400 POS terminal


Simple, smart and high-performance

Simple, smart and high-performance
  • Large touch-screen display for impact and ease of use
  • Built-in audio for rich media advertising
  • Beacon and Bluetooth for advanced customer journeys
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Adyen Multimedia M400 POS terminal


Impact, insights and two-way interactions

Impact, insights and two-way interactions
  • Displays line items as scanned
  • Larger screen for easy signature capture
  • One screen to serve both customer and cashier which reduces on-counter hardware
  • Full customization with rich media advertising, screen branding, and surveys
  • Beacon and Bluetooth for advanced customer journeys
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Adyen Portable V400M POS terminal


Portable, no-more-queues POS

Portable, no-more-queues POS
  • Charging base system for battery top-ups throughout the day
  • Large touch-screen for display impact and ease of use
  • Beacon and Bluetooth for advanced customer journeys
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Adyen Handheld E285 POS terminal


Portable, pocket-sized mobile POS

Portable, pocket-sized mobile POS
  • Pocket-sized for seamless payment moments and simplicity
  • Beacon and Bluetooth for advanced customer journeys
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