Boleto Bancário

Brazil's most popular cash-based payment method

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Boleto Bancário, commonly known as Boleto, is a popular Brazilian cash-based payment method with 15% market share. It is also the only payment method available for the 35% of shoppers who do not have a bank account.

Payment is made with a voucher that is issued at checkout and paid at a Brazilian bank or participating shop, online with internet banking or on mobile with a banking app.

  • Settlement within 3-4 days
  • ​No risk of fraud
  • No chargebacks
  • ​No credit limits

How Boleto works on desktop

Pre-filled Boleto form payment page

Form comes pre-filled

In most cases the form comes pre-filled with the customer's details.

Download voucher page on Boleto payment flow

Download voucher

The voucher is generated and download starts automatically.


Pay voucher page on Boleto payment flow

Pay voucher

The voucher can be paid at an ATM or in a bank, lottery store, convenience store, or supermarket.

Pay with internet banking page on Boleto payment flow

Pay with internet banking

It is also possible to pay the voucher online with internet banking. Most banking apps make it possible to scan the barcode.


Voucher barcode page on Boleto payment flow

Voucher barcode

Online, the customer enters the barcode taken from the voucher.

Scheduling page on Boleto payment flow


The shopper schedules the payment.

Receipt page on Boleto payment flow


The payment receipt is generated.

How Boleto works on mobile

Select Boleto page mobile payment flow

Select Boleto

The shopper chooses Boleto.

Personal details page on Boleto mobile payment flow

Personal details

The shopper fills out personal details.

Download voucher page on Boleto mobile payment flow

Download voucher

The barcode reference is issued and downloaded automatically.


Copy barcode page on Boleto mobile payment flow

Copy the barcode

Voucher is generated.

Banking app page on Boleto mobile payment flow

Banking app

The shopper then copies the barcode and uses in their banking app.

Online banking page on Boleto mobile payment flow

Online banking

Or the shopper pays using internet banking.

Accept Boleto with Adyen

Adyen offers the following with our Boleto integration:


Latin America: Brazil

Settlement currency


Channel Ecommerce
Processing currencies BRL
Settlement delay 2-3 days
Full reconciliation Yes


We charge:

Adyen processing fee + payment method fee

Commission per transaction, may differ per region.

Different commissions apply depending on the payment method.

Processing fee Payment method fee
$ 0.12 Contract with Payment method

The Adyen platform supports all key payment methods globally.

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Ready to integrate?

Client Side Encryption

Keep full control over page design and customer data without the burden of PCI compliance with Client Side Encryption, where payment data is encrypted before it passes through your system.

Adyen's API integration

Host your own payment pages and in-app checkout screens with control of transaction management and shopper data. With this integration, data is routed to your own server, so you must be PCI compliant.

Directory Lookup

Dynamically serve a targeted list of relevant payment methods based on your shoppers’ location, basket value or currency.