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Supporting new and evolving F&B business needs in Asia Pacific

The F&B industry, in particular the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) sector has changed drastically over the last year – especially in Asia Pacific, as markets quickly adapted to a post-Covid world.

July 22, 2021
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Learn how Adyen helps to support F&B business needs in Asia Pacific

Consumers who have had a taste of greater flexibility from brands, pivoting in the face of limited serving hours or dine-in capacity, now have higher expectations of these businesses. In other words, brands face bigger challenges than ever before.

Consumers’ higher expectations and new touchpoints

A look at some of APAC’s key markets in our 2020 Agility Report: 62% of consumers inAustraliasay they expect more from brands as they’ve proven they could adapt quickly. InHong KongandSingapore, the numbers go up to 69% and 74% respectively.

Some conveniences introduced for safe distancing requirements and minimizing person-to-person contact such as pre-ordering via mobile apps, ordering on delivery platforms, and self-checkout kiosks in-store have since become mainstays.

Australians like ordering at self-service kiosks because of the convenience, reduced wait times, and the option to customize their orders.

Source: NPD Crest® study

Adyen’s partnership with key platform partners in the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry doesn’t just help brands meet these new consumer demands, but also ensure integration is smooth and easy for brands as they create unified experiences that include the point-of-sale (POS), kiosk, app, and other digital touchpoints.

Enabling convenient and safe payments across the F&B landscape

In fact, these technologies are not new. Many surveys have shown that consumers have wanted these conveniences for a while now, but brands have been prioritizing store expansions and other improvements over these wants until the pandemic forced their hand.

As reported in a 2019NPD Crest® studycommissioned by Adyen, Australians like ordering at self-service kiosks because of the convenience, reduced wait times, and the option to customize their orders.

Kiosks are fast gaining popularity in an increasingly digital F&B landscape

To facilitate faster curbside/in-store pick-ups, many F&B brands around the world have also introduced in-app payments either via their own proprietary app, a third-party delivery app or via Adyen’sPay by Link. Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) terminals were also quickly deployed to take contactless card or mobile payments to further reduce contact and wait times in-store.

“Because the Revel POS system is integrated with our Adyen terminals, revenue reconciliation is flawless because it’s controlled by technology.”

Josh BellGM & Master Franchisee of GYG Singapore

In Singapore, QSR franchiseGuzman y Gomez(GYG) had started full roll-out of Adyen POS terminals in all its stores at the start of 2020 as part of their vision to streamline the ordering and payment process. And when the pandemic happened, GYG was already able to offer fast contactless payments to its customers as they started to eschew cash for contactless.

Adyen’s compatibility with key QSR platform partners in APAC

With Adyen as a payments partner, F&B brands aren't just able to offer contactless payments and new payment methods as they come along, they are also well primed for the digital transformation that’s happening in the region. As the F&B environment becomes more and more digital, it’s key to consider touchpoints that have since gained popularity with diners.

F&B businesses need to consider touchpoints including the mobile, apps and kiosks

Adyen offers easy integration with some of the region’s most popular platforms including Fingermark™ throughout the APAC region, Revel Systems in Asia, as well as Redcat that’s used by some of the top brands in Australia.

Compatibility with these systems means that brands can provide a consistent experience across all online and in-store channels, upsell whenever opportunity allows, and increase efficiencies, all while having a full view of the business – and without changing the way the businesses work.

Fingermark: Leading digital solution company for the QSR industry in APAC

Fingermark’s smart digital solutions enable QSRs to communicate with customers in a simple and engaging way – whether as standalone or integrated within a QSR ecosystem.

From the customer’s arrival at the restaurant to serving up fresh meals, Fingermark technology enables diners to order quickly and easily while empowering businesses to make more informed decisions. Fingermark’s fit-for-purpose solutions run the gamut, from digital display and kiosks to its innovative Eyecue™ system which provides QSRs with real-time and predictive business analytics that are deployed through next generation digital hardware.

Redcat: The complete platform for QSR brands and the hospitality industry in Australia

Redcatis a specialist provider of an integrated end-to-end hospitality management platform. The brand offers a full suite of IT solutions needed to manage and grow successful hospitality businesses starting with the POS, including front of house, kitchen management and reporting for restaurants to franchises and multi-site venues. Passionate about hospitality and QSR, Redcat understands the challenges businesses face including the pressures of keeping customers happy and coming back for more by providing loyalty apps, online ordering, virtual/multi-brand management and direct integrations with accounting, rostering, delivery partners, and fixed-cost delivery services.

Trusted by Australia’s top hospitality and QSR brands including healthy burger chain Grill’d, Redcat’s single integrated system provides businesses with the visibility and control they need to make effective decisions and grow.

Revel Systems: Leading cloud-based iPad POS platform

Revel’s point of sale and business solutions provide a native cloud technology platform that is at the heart of clients’ businesses. The Revel platform helps restaurants and retailers deliver a better customer experience, diversify revenue streams, and scale their businesses with ease. The Revel Essentials™ solution, which has been deployed at thousands of customer locations, is designed for the needs of small chains. The Revel Enterprise® solution is tailored for large chains and leads the industry with a broad footprint of national, big brand customer implementations.

“Because the Revel POS system is integrated with our Adyen terminals, revenue reconciliation is flawless because it’s controlled by technology. There was also significant improvement in revenue leakage and a complete eradication of errors once we switched to Adyen,” says Josh Bell, General Manager & Master Franchisee of GYG Singapore.

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