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Secutix and Adyen are powering the future of event ticketing

Find out how the leader in digital ticketing solutions is offering a premier payment experience.

May 9, 2023
 ·  6 minutes
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Secutixis a Swiss Lausanne-based company specializing in digital solutions for event ticket sales and distribution. They provide cloud-based SaaS solutions that empower event organizers to unlock the full potential of their events. Last year Secutix processed almost 70 million tickets for over 190 customers, including sports clubs like AFC Ajax and Everton FC, and world-renowned museums such as Opéra National de Paris and Centre Pompidou.

Sébastien Verleye, Senior Manager Payment at Secutix, says: “We don't just provide a comprehensive ticketing system, but also a range of management and knowledge services relating to visitors and fans. We equip you with the necessary tools to gain insights into event attendees, foster customer loyalty based on authentic data, and combat challenges in the market such as secondary market fraud, bots, and pricing opacity.”

Secutix has set an industry benchmark and established itself as The Event Industry Cloud. Their goal is to offer a more complete and high-quality service package. Together with Adyen, they aim to set up an integrated global payment solution that meets the needs of the event ticketing industry.

A global cutting-edge service

Secutix offers online reservation and point-of-sale ticketing systems that easily integrate with event organizers’ websites.

Payments are an essential part of the event management experience. Secutix usesAdyen for Platformsto offer customers a native payment integration within their SaaS platforms, so they don't need to worry about additional integrations. Sébastien Verleye says: "We aim to revolutionize the payment process by optimizing how it's managed and provide our customers with a state-of-the-art technological solution."

Before Secutix’s payment integration with Adyen, each event organizer had to find their own payment service provider (PSP). This was a costly and time-consuming process that required various integrations, making payments more complex and less streamlined. Now, Secutix can offer flexible payment solutions fully integrated within their platforms. This way, event organizers only need one partner for everything, from reservations to payments.

By integrating payments into their solutions, Secutix can provide event professionals with direct access to data and faster response capabilities. If a customer has issues paying for their ticket, the event company can access the payment system and resolve the issue. There is no longer a need to contact external parties. Sébastien Verleye adds: “Adyen has optimized the link between the gateway and the customer, enabling event professionals to improve their conversion rates and maximize their ticket sales.’’

Secutix offers its solution in England, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Northern Europe, and the US, with some customers in South America and the Middle East. Secutix wants a global solution that streamlines costs and optimizes its services. Sébastien Verleye explains: “The product itself is fundamentally the same from country to country, but specific features apply to each market – especially in terms of payment methods. In addition, the rules and the types of security measures and actors differ in each country.”

Adyen’s expertise in local payment methods, regulations, and trends, make it possible for Secutix to meet the needs of event organizers all around the world.

“The event organizer doesn’t need to negotiate with different payment service providers or learn about completely foreign things. In that regard, Secutix offers a premium solution.”

Sébastien VerleyeSenior Manager Payment, Secutix

Creating an integrated experience with Adyen

Together with Adyen, Secutix is able to minimize the number of integrations and maximize control of cash flows. Sébastien Verleye says: “At Secutix, this means we spend less time with incident management and more time on tasks with high added value, such as advising and support’’. He believes the main benefits of working with Adyen are:

  • Support on local payment methods
  • Improve authorization rates and lower chargeback rates
  • Easier reconciliation on the accounting level
  • The simplicity of relying on one partner and contract to manage all transactions, both online and offline

Secutix’s solutions bring real added value to event organizers, maximizing their control and autonomy. Sébastien Verley explains: “In 4 months, Secutix has processed 20 million euros in transactions with Adyen, including 4 events with significant booking surges – none of which required any attention on our end. With Adyen, our conversion rate has gone from 85% to 92%.”

A unique aspect of event ticket sales is that systems need to be able to process a large number of transactions quickly (for example 50 000 tickets in one hour). Together with Adyen, Secutix offers reliable, trustworthy solutions that can handle massive sales volumes. According to Sébastien Verleye: “Having full control of the entire payment chain through a robust system maximizes sales, without customers having to try to make a payment multiple times before it’s successful or having to contact customer service because their payment won’t go through, etc.”

Premium customer experience, omnichannel solution, and fraud protection

Secutix aims to provide customers with the most transparent and seamless experience possible. With Adyen’s omnichannel solution, Secutix can take care of ticket sales online, at the box office, and through MOTO while maximizing sales opportunities and meeting end-user expectations.

Although there is an increase in digital tickets, many still prefer buying them at the counter. Whichever sales channel customers choose, the experience needs to be equally as efficient as the other. Sébastien Verleye explains: “We needed an omnichannel system that registers and stores all transactions, including physical ticket sales. Thanks to Adyen, our customers feel confident using our system and know that most payments will be accepted without a problem, no matter which payment channel they choose.”

Sébastien Verleye mentions another essential benefit: “One thing that’s always important to Secutix customers is fraud protection, for example, fraudulent ticket use or the possibility of buying a large number of tickets, only to resell them at a profit.”

Secutix distributes digital tickets through its TIXNGO app that uses Adyen’s technology to prevent fraud. This includesShopper DNAandRevenueProtect, which offer fraud protection (in particular using3D Secure) without compromising on conversion. Sébastien Verleye says: “People can always exchange their tickets, and we can’t prevent them from reselling tickets, but it is possible to control prices. Thanks to our platform, the merchant is the one who controls the resale market.”

There is a significant cost associated with organizing events (infrastructure, marketing, etc.). The money to finance events must be at hand when needed. Secutix is working with Adyen to optimize payouts by finding the best ways to adapt the overall system. Sébastien Verleye says: “We have discussions with our dedicated Adyen partners weekly to brainstorm how to optimize payout periods collectively.”

Secutix and Adyen will continue to work together in 2023 to support emerging payment methods, make payments even more transparent, reduce the number of clicks required to buy a ticket, and offer premium customer experiences.

“With Adyen, we’ve found so much more than just a standard customer-supplier relationship, we’ve created a true partnership.”

Sébastien VerleyeSenior Manager Payment, Secutix

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