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Oriflame: how they achieved a 2% cost saving with Adyen

Oriflame is a cosmetics brand with more than three million independent beauty consultants who share, promote and sell their beauty and wellness products.

December 18, 2018
 ·  3 minutes
Oriflame: how they achieved a 2% cost saving with Adyen

Oriflame was founded in 1967 by two Swedish brothers - Jonas and Robert af Jochnick. They had a vision of bringing their nature-inspired, innovative beauty products to the world. Since then Oriflame has expanded into 60 markets. We spoke to Marcus Fogel, Senior Director Global Online at Oriflame to find out why they chose Adyen as their online payments partner. 

A payments partner for international growth

Oriflame sells their products to consumers through consultants in over 60 regions. They needed to offerlocal payment methodsas an alternative. 

“We’re seeing a big digital shift. Those consultants that are in need of a credit solution often organize a credit card directly with their bank,” says Marcus.

“Our consultants started implementing local solutions on their own initiative. This created overhead and increased risk. At the same time, our consultants started to demand online payments to order and pay for stock. We wanted to offer as many ways to pay as possible through one global solution,” says Marcus. “Adyen were able to meet our needs and willing to take on our smaller markets too, which was critical”. 

Adyen’s global coverage as a PSP and card acquirer gave them a complete solution. It was easy to board all of the markets Oriflame were seeking support in with fast and easy implementation. 

A significant cost saving

In an organization where local teams have a large say, finding one payments solution to fit all needs has been a challenge. Oriflame’s local teams are still able to choose which payments solutions they use, but the benefits of using Adyen has led to it becoming the preferred solution. Adyen currently serves 23 out of 60 markets, and the rollout continues to gather momentum elsewhere. 

"Adyen offers a 1-2% cost advantage over other on- and offline payment methods available in Oriflame globally”

“We have significantly improved consolidation and risk management since the early days. When summing up all contributing cost elements, Adyen offers a 1-2% cost advantage over other on- and offline payment methods available in Oriflame globally”, says Marcus. 

Risk managementhas been one of the key areas where Oriflame have benefitted from using one payments partner for multiple markets.

“With Adyen, we get a fast and user-friendly solution that’s easy to understand. At the same time, it provides advanced reports that allow fast reaction to anomalies.”

Ready for what’s next

Over the past few years, Oriflame has seen a transition from desktop shopping to mobile purchasing. Having a payments partner that is able to optimize payments for mobile, while providing support and offering new functionality is critical. 

“With more than 40% of global orders placed using mobile devices, it is essential to have a payment  solution that adapts fast. With Adyen we have an agile solution that is always ready to provide the latest technology for the best customer experience”.

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