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How Travian Games unlocked the next payments level with Adyen

As they scale internationally, gaming companies often face a number of similar challenges.

August 3, 2015
 ·  2 minutes
How Travian Games unlocked the next payments level with Adyen

One of those challenges is making the payment process as quick and easy as possible across a wide range of markets and payment cultures.

With 150 million registered users across 200 countries and territories worldwide, Travian Games had a compelling business case to deliver a frictionless payment experience that would convert casual gamers into paying subscribers across a wide range of markets. 

To achieve this goal, it partnered with Adyen to implement"one-click" payments, using Adyen’s tokenization service, and roll out a range of localpayment methodsto give subscribers the option to pay with the methods they feel most comfortable.

Initiatives such as these had a significant positive impact on the gaming company's revenue. 

"After switching all credit card traffic over to Adyen, an evaluation revealed that in 9 out of 10 countries, Adyen's authorization rates are higher, ranging from 1% to 3% in most EU countries and up to 9% higher in key markets such as Turkey. I can only welcome this additional free revenue that Adyen has brought our business."said Tanja Wenger, Senior Payment Manager, Travian Games.

To find out more, including how the partnership resulted in reduced scope of PCI compliance for Travian, and increased authorization rates through A/B tests of local versus cross-border acquirer routing, read the full case study at the link below.

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