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Adyen and Shiji simplify the payment process for hospitality businesses.

Hospitality innovation

About Shiji

Shiji Group offers world-class technological solutions for the hotel, retail, food service and entertainment industries. The company was founded in 1998 and employees 5000+ people. Shiji's mission is to help their clients better serve their guests through a fully integrated network of hospitality systems and they're committed to security, ease-of-use and modern connectivity so hospitality businesses can do what they do best: serving their guests.

Seamless customer journey


Unified Commerce

Accept payments from guests via a variety of channels, all within the Shiji Enterprise Platform.



Leverage the latest technologies, such as Tap to Pay on iPhone and to make payments more convenient and secure.


Automatic reconciliation

Reconcile payments between Adyen and Adyen automatically, saving you time and resource.


Secure transfer of data

Securely transfer credit card information, ensuring you comply with with PCI DSS regulations.

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