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Adyen’s integration with AeroGuest creates an uninterrupted guest experience and completely remodels the way hotel guests settle their bills. Welcome to the future of seamless transactions.

AeroGuest interface in app

About AeroGuest

AeroGuest is setting a new hospitality standard by building the leading digital solution that automates hotel operations and facilitates a seamless guest journey. By integrating with hotel’s tech stack, AeroGuest removes time-consuming administrative and repetitive tasks, which allows the hotelier’s time to be freed up for more personal interactions, enhancing the guest experience.

Primary products

The AeroGuest platform consists of four interconnected products, designed to create an ecosystem that delivers superior value to both hoteliers and their guests. A Modern Guest Management Platform ensures the hotel has full control over reservations, communication, usage reports, payment, reputation management and overall setup. All in one place.

An Advanced Communication Tool using automation for timely and relevant communication, strengthening guest relationships before, during, and after stay. Payment Handling, as the future of transactions lies in alternative payment methods – guests can settle their outstanding balances online, using their preferred payment methods.

A Seamless Guest Journey, providing the utmost convenience for hotel guests - all accessible at their fingertips. AeroGuest platform supports the entire guest journey, from online check-in and upselling to payment processing, digital room keys, room service, hotel information, review submission, along with other benefits the modern travellers demand.

Adyen & AeroGuest Collaboration Brings Innovation to Hospitality Industry

Frictionless Mobile Experience

Create a consistent experience throughout the whole guest journey, letting guests cover all they need for their stay with the use of their own mobile phone.

Automatic Payment Updates

Due to the two-way integration, AeroGuest directly processes and posts guest payments to hotel’s Property Management System. No manual data entries as every transaction is instantly synchronised between both systems.

Tailored Payment Methods

In hospitality, guests are coming from all over the world. Recognizing these diverse needs, AeroGuest offers payment methods specifically tailored to each guest’s origin.


Advanced fraud protection, PCI compliance, 3DS2 payments and tokenisation ensures the highest level of security.

Potential Future Charges

Pre-authorization, securing a deposit or a credit card on file are all possible during the guests’ online check-in to provide a hotel with financial security.

Steps to get started


Reach out to our team

Request a demo or drop us an email at to explore options for your property and collaboration.


Get onboarded

AeroGuest's onboarding team will reach out to collect necessary details from you and you will gain access to utilize Adyen payments through the AeroGuest's system.


Configure and go live

Configure your payment settings to ensure your guests enjoy a smooth payment experience right from the start.

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