Sales Day Payout – Terms of Service

These Terms of Service stipulate a Service allowing Settlement per sales day to Merchants of Adyen (“Sales Day Payout”). Accordingly, Adyen will Settle the Merchant’s daily transaction volume on the agreed Payout Day (as defined below). These Terms of Service will form a part of the Merchant Agreement between the Merchant and Adyen (“Merchant Agreement”) and also apply to any Merchant Affiliates. These Terms of Service will supplement and where relevant replace the related terms in the Merchant Agreement.

Adyen may update this page from time to time to reflect technical developments or other updates to the Sales Day Payout Service. If you wish to be notified of any such updates, you can subscribe to email updates at the bottom of this page. Last updated 13 April 2021.

  • 1. Sales Day Payout Service

    • 1.1 Sales Day Payout

    • 1.2 Payout Day

    • 1.3 Activation of Sales Day Payout

      • 1.3.1

      • 1.3.2

    • 1.4 Payout specification and reporting

    • 1.5 Merchant’s right to switch to pass-through Settlement

  • 2. Sales Day Payout conditions

    • 2.1 Supported Payment Methods

      • 2.1.1

      • 2.1.2

    • 2.2 Blend fee pricing for certain Payment Methods

    • 2.3 No payment by Scheme Owner or Acquirer

    • 2.4 Payout delays

    • 2.5 Negative balance

    • 2.6 Merchant default

  • 3.

    • 3.1

    • 3.2

    • 3.3