Privacy Statement


When you browse our website, we process your IP address, internet browser and device type, location data, and information about your use of our website and the app – including which pages you visited, how you came to our website, the time and length of your visit, and your language preferences.

We use this data for our legitimate interests of making sure our website works properly, including for debugging, to be able to deliver you content and for DDOS mitigation, and improving our website, and to perform statistical analyses for optimizing and improving our website. We also use this information to provide you with personal offers tailored to your needs, and to tailor what we show you to your preferences, with your prior consent.

We collect this data using cookies and similar techniques, including tags/beacons and javascripts. More information about these techniques can be found in our Cookies Policy

When we collect information about how you use our website, such as which landing pages you visit and which items you look at, we do so in order to determine how we can best provide our services to you. For example, if you read about our products and services on our website, we might classify you as a user or a website visitor who is interested in our products and services, and therefore as a potential customer of Adyen. Based on the audience we infer you belong to, we may for example contact you with offers about our products and services, providing we have your consent to do so, and subject to limitations under the laws of your home jurisdiction.

In order to make the most accurate assessment about which audience you likely belong to, and as you can read in our Cookies Policy, we also use tracking cookies. These cookies track information about how you use our website and which other websites you visit, for example to show you advertisements for products and services of ours that we anticipate you might be interested in. We only place these tracking/targeting cookies with your prior consent. For more information about these tracking cookies, please view our Cookies Policy. 

On our website, we might ask you to provide feedback on the specific page you are visiting. When giving your feedback, you can optionally provide your name and email address. We can use this information to follow up with you personally. 

How long do we keep this data?

We will only keep your data for as long as we reasonably need to for the purposes listed above.

For example, data about your visit(s) to our website will be retained until your use (or ‘browsing session’) ends, except where it concerns data collected for the analytical and marketing purposes specified above. In those cases, we will keep your information for a period of 1 year following its collection.

Social media buttons

We use tags on our website from social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and X. You will be able to recognize these tags by their logos. Our tags are tracking pixels that will send user behavior back to the network(s). The tracking pixels will only work if you accept our cookie statement. 

We do not have any influence over which data these providers collect from you and we are also not aware of the extent of their data processing. If you would like more information about their data processing, this can be found in the respective privacy policies of these providers.