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London · April 11, 2022

Adyen partners with Irish mobile top-up giant Ding to support international growth

Adyen’s payments technology has helped Ding remove complexity and improve card authorisation rates, while supporting global growth.

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Adyen (ADYEN:AMS), the global payments platform of choice for many of the world’s leading companies, has partnered with Ding, the largest mobile top-up platform, to optimise its payment systems and support its continued international growth.

Every month Dublin based Ding’s platform enables almost 900,000 people to send mobile phone top-ups across 150 countries. However, each country has varying currencies, languages, and acquiring entities. These factors make managing international transactions much more complicated than domestic ones.

“The challenge every global merchant faces is knowing how people around the world want to pay. Working alongside the payment experts at Adyen has given us the knowledge and tools necessary to do this,” said Micheál Egan, Head of Payments at Ding. “With Adyen’s help, we’ve been able to update our payment offering to better meet the needs of our international consumers. We’ve also added new and popular alternative ways to pay, such as mobile wallets, which has helped drive our growth and give our customers an even better payment experience.”

Ding also uses Adyen’s global acquiring network to process payments locally. This has several benefits: It helps to streamline internal operations, it helps reduce transaction costs since domestic interchange and scheme fees are typically lower, and it contributes to higher transaction authorisation rates.

“Adyen massively reduces the complexity of accepting payments across each of our operational regions. Typically, businesses would need to set up multiple connections in order to access local processing, but with Adyen’s vast acquiring network we only need one,” Egan continues. “When going live in the UAE, this meant we didn’t have to build out further connections to benefit from an uplift in authorisations. We’ve seen a 4% approval rate uplift for transactions since working with Adyen, contributing to our highly successful growth into the region,”

Moving forward, Ding has partnered with Adyen to launch a new subscription service to help make the experience for its customers even more seamless.

“We’re thrilled to support Ding as it extends its reach across the global stage,” said Colin Neil, Managing Director UK at Adyen. “It’s just one of several exciting and innovative companies we’re working with in Ireland which are making a positive international impact.”


About Ding Ding was founded in 2006 to improve people’s lives by helping those with less gain access to more. As the number one international mobile top-up service in the world, Ding’s users have successfully sent close to half a billion top-ups globally, via the app, online at, and in-store at over 600,000+ retail outlets worldwide. Ding delivers a top-up every second, via 550+ operators, across 150+ countries – helping families and friends around the world to stay connected.