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How delivers frictionless payments

The leading curated online marketplace has a unique and innovative payments solution, to benefit both customers and Partners.

Myles Dawson  ·  UK Country Manager, Adyen
9 December, 2015
 ·  3 minutes
How delivers frictionless payments is the leading curated online marketplace connecting the best small creative businesses with the world.

The brand gained the trust and loyalty of its customers by offering an alternative to the High Street: a curated product selection with unique designs, high-quality craftsmanship and inspiring stories behind the people that make them.

Since launching with 100 partners in 2006, the business now works with 5,000 of the UK’s best small creative businesses, offering a platform to take their 200,000 products to a global customer base. is disrupting the way people shop, in the same way Adyen is disrupting the way people pay - Harriet Morgan, Checkout & Payments Product Manager

For, customer experience is hugely important and the business strives to make the shopping journey as easy and convenient as possible, and central to this goal, is payments.

Adyen's key technology solutions, from smart settlement and PCI compliance, to in-depth data and reporting have been instrumental in the evolution of the company'smarketplace paymentsstrategy.

If you come in first with a payment strategy that works, you can build a successful platform in every new territory far quicker than you can from any other approach - Andy Botha, Chief Commercial & Financial Officer

The two companies have worked side-by-side to make the best use of Adyen's automation capabilities in order to benefit both customers and Partners.

To find out more, watch the video below. delivering frictionless payments video

Video transcription

Nic Forster: is the UK's largest curated online marketplace with over 170,000 products available across the site.

Andy Botha: We're approaching our tenth birthday and from day one 2006 through 2014, we've seen a compound growth rate of over 135%.

Harriet Morgan: Not on the High Street is disrupting the way that people shop and in the same way, Adyen is disrupting the way that people pay.

Nic Forster: has experienced incredible growth. We are now a team of over 200 people. Annually, we see in excess of 39 million unique users to the site. It really has just become a phenomenon in terms of UK marketplaces.

Harriet Morgan: Adyen provides some key technology solutions for us, from smart settlement to PCI compliance. They also provide essential insight on a week to week basis as our payments strategy evolves.

Andy Botha: They've worked with us every step of the way to come up with a really unique and innovative way to deliver their platform, to make best use of their automation in a way that our customers can really benefit from and our partners can use in a really simple way too.

Nic Forster: It's all about making the journey as easy and convenient and quality filled for our consumers.

Andy Botha: If you come in first with a payment strategy that works, withpayment methodsthat work, you can build on that. You can build customers first, and then you can add user experience and you can add more marketing and build through an iterative process to create a successful platform in every single new territory, far quicker than you could through any other approach.

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