Donations at checkout for causes that matter

The world’s biggest brands are adding donations at checkout to create more purposeful in-store and online customer journeys.

No cost

100% of the donation goes directly to your cause, with Adyen absorbing all fees involved. Customers see donations going straight to the non-profit.

Low-to-no integration effort

Enable donations with ease online or in-person, in one or multiple regions. No integration required for POS, and just one integration required for online. 

Logistical barriers removed

Select your partner and we handle everything from contracts to payouts. We separate transactions, so it does not affect payments reporting or reconciliation. 

Transform your terminals into vehicles for good 

Elevate the in-person customer experience by adding a donation prompt after payment. 

  • Giving can be turned on instantly via the Customer Area. 

  • Donations can be either a fixed amount or a round-up.

  • Available in NA, APAC and EMEA

Woman making payment

Create a purposeful digital footprint

Whether it’s in-app or in your online shop, Giving seamlessly sits in with your frontend UI as part of the online checkout. 

  • Choose your charity and create your narrative of support for the chosen cause. 

  • A seamless, one-click donation. 

  • Available in NA, APAC and EMEA

Adyen Giving in-app

Bring your purpose closer to your customers

Customers are demanding more from brands they keep returning to, and are 4X more likely to buy from a brand with a strong purpose. Offering donations at checkout allows you to bring your customers along on your impact journey, and helps them to understand and empathise with your bigger purpose.  We have a library of over 140 non-profits to partner with at checkout.

A girl wearing a UNICEF backpack

Work with an existing partner

Introduce us to your philanthropic partner and we will complete a full KYC and background check so we can begin processing donations for them en masse. Working with multiple partners across geographies? You can have various campaigns active simultaneously depending on regional preference. 

Join a global campaign

At important moments we activate campaigns so our customers can fundraise together for a chosen cause, and Adyen will match every donation made. We’ve responded to the earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria and the war in Ukraine with UNHCR; celebrated Earth Day with WWF, and Pride with Stonewall.  

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Making every payment purposeful

The Adyen platform processes billions of transactions every year – that’s billions of opportunities for people around the world to do good and donate safely and transparently with their favourite brands.  We don't charge Adyen's fees, and absorb all third-party fees because we want to lower all barriers for our merchants to activate donations, generating more funds for great causes.

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