What is Hyvä?

Hyvä is a frontend theme for Magento and Adobe Commerce that is brought to life by developers and experts originating from the Magento Community. But that’s not the only thing. Hyvä now offers a suite of products to enhance customer experience and conversion optimization: Hyvä Checkout, Hyvä UI and Hyvä Enterprise.

Hyva enterprise solution

Hyvä Enterprise

Hyvä has an extensive ecosystem of developers, extension vendors and technical partners. With Hyvä's solution, companies can reduce complexity, maximize performance and reduce time-to-market. Hyvä Enterprise, one of Hyvä's solutions, is their premium offering that provides compatibility for all key storefront features of Adobe Commerce, including the B2B suite and Adobe Sensei (Live Search and Product Recommendations) add-ons, for Hyvä Themes.

Not only do you get key feature coverage, but you also get the benefits of Hyvä in regards to fast performance, reduced complexity and maintenance costs, and a quicker time to market. With Hyvä Enterprise, you can fire up your Adobe Commerce shop and reach stellar conversion rates in no time!

Like Hyvä Checkout, this is an additional paid add-on to the existing Hyvä Theme with an ongoing subscription cost for upgrades and support.

Best user experience

With Hyvä, you can ensure the best performance and user experience, without the cost and overhead of a Progressive Web Application. 

Themes & templates

Hyvä themes are a sane alternative for headless and Progressive Web Application solutions, using the PHP-templating system that is built into Magento. 

Simplicity is key

Since the entire frontend is built from the ground up, Adyen and Hyvä have been able to keep it really simple. 

Easy and fun to work with

Less code means less complexity, making it a lot easier and fun to work with. Say hello to layout.xml, blocks, viewModels and goodbye to RequireJS, Knockout, UIComponents.

Adyen x Hyvä

We have partnered up with Hyvä to offer a package solution consisting of Hyvä Enterprise and Adyen for a limited period of time. Combining both solutions maximizes cross border performance, enables unified commerce experiences and simplifies development efforts for all Magento and Adobe Commerce merchants. 

Request the package and sign up with Adyen before the end of 2024 and you will receive the first year of the Hyvä Enterprise solution for free if you are: 

  • Not using Hyvä Enterprise yet, and

  • Not using Adyen yet


Reach out to your contact person to receive a personalized offer.