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Rhapsody Tunes in to Global Payments

Rhapsody is growing both its user base and revenue at a considerable pace across global markets utlizing global payments.

January 15, 2015
 ·  2 minutes
Rhapsody Tunes in to Global Payments

In a highly competitive market where consumers have many choices, Rhapsody operates on thin margins and needs to work hard to retain subscribers.

Providing a frictionless, easy billing experience is a core part of the customer experience that can make the difference between success and failure.

As it scaled to new markets (currently its available in over 30 countries), Rhapsody needed to offer multiple localpayment methodsto give the smoothest possible payment experience to its subscribers.

So, they chose use as theirpayments platformto gain better insights and guidance about global payments.

Image of space showing the global payments landscape

Powering global payments growing technology companies

We are a technology company, so we wanted our payment partner to be a technology company too,” says Scott Engel, director of ecommerce, payments and risk for Rhapsody.

Adyen is a technology company at its core. They offer a leading global platform, flexibility, and deep payment expertise. Because Adyen’s people are so knowledgeable about payments, we get better account management, better insight, and better guidance.

After a thorough evaluation, Rhapsody chose us to power their payments in Brazil and plans to expand this relationship to Europe, the United States and parts of Asia.

With a single platform, Rhapsody has the ability to process payments globally using one payment service provider.

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