Adyen for Platforms

Embed payments on your platform or marketplace

Be the only platform that your users ever need – enable them to sign up, sell, and get paid all through one solution.


Unlock new revenue streams

Offer platform payments without intermediaries and make money on the transactions you process and business financing.

Increase customer lifetime value

Future-proof your platform by attracting and retaining users, delivering tailored financial needs that meet their needs and improving product stickiness.

Accelerate your global expansion

Grow into new markets and be fully certified and compliant from day one with built in global regulation and compliance, managed by Adyen.

Access everything you need in one place

Onboard new users with ease

Add new users from across the world and offer them a seamless sign-up experience:

  • Verify your user’s identity instantly for higher success rate

  • Leverage real-time notifications to prevent onboarding drop-off

  • Support 33+ markets in 23 languages

Two people looking a screen

Process payments across all sales channels

Accept and process payments across different sales channels and regions to streamline your users' operations.

  • Give users access to sleek terminals that meet their business needs

  • Let your users' customers pay with their preferred payment methods

  • Connect data to let users build seamless and frictionless customer experiences

Onboard new users with ease

Transfer funds with flexible options

Decide when and how your users are paid and move funds with reliability and speed.

  • Send on-demand and scheduled payouts to users

  • Debit and credit users on demand

  • Transfer funds directly to bank accounts

Transfer funds with flexible options

Track and reconcile transactions

Consolidate your reporting in one place and keep transactions in order.

  • View payments, data, and terminal information in one place 

  • Gain full control over your data with daily or real-time reporting from Adyen

  • Get instant notifications for timely actions

Track and reconcile transactions

Reduce risks and keep operations running smoothly 

Embedded platform payments brings multilayered risks to platforms and marketplaces. Utilise machine learning to manage risks at all levels for both buyers and sellers. 

Detect onboarding risks

Identify returning malicious users, synthetic fraud, and fraud rings.

Monitor transaction risks

Reduce chargebacks caused by scams and avoid reputational damage caused by money laundering or financing of terrorism.

Set risk scores

Protect against high risk users and stop payouts to platform users which cross your risk score threshold.

People talking in a meeting room

'Payments are the missing piece of assessing seller risk. In looking at payers and sellers holistically with Score, we are able to develop a fuller and more accurate picture of who our customers are and the risks they present.'

Matthew Murray Risk & Compliance officer

Remain compliant wherever you conduct your business

Stay up to date with changing local regulations. Let Adyen handle the complexities of compliance and focus on realising your global ambitions faster.

KYC and AML checks

MATCH list checks 

PCI and PSD2 compliance

Banking licences in Europe and the U.S.

A complete solution for your platform or marketpace

Adyen for Platforms +

Identify users and proactively offer business financing that meets their unique needs, using payment and KYC data.

Adyen for Platforms +

Create physical and virtual payment cards and manage your card programme with our unified platform.

*Issuing is currently not available in Australia and New Zealand

Adyen for Platforms +

Allow platform users to accept payments and manage money all in one place.


Embedded payments is a term for payment solutions that are built natively into a platform or marketplace business’s product. With embedded payments, platform and marketplace businesses can make payments a part of their product offering.

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