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Adyen and Evergent

The Evergent Monetization Platform is a global leader in revenue and customer lifecycle management for telecommunications, media and entertainment providers. It delivers agility and flexibility that allows enterprises in the subscription business economy to monetize more creatively and with the capability to handle billing models of any degree of complexity.

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Adyen and Evergent

Adyen and Evergent deliver a seamless, scalable subscription payments integration tailored for telecom, media, and entertainment providers. Leverage Adyen's advanced payment technology, Evergent's billing engine, and our extensive global reach to elevate your enterprise's ability to scale globally.

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Delivering billing, payment and subscription management solutions

Scale your business and get robust customer insights, uncovering revenue growth.

Local Acquiring

  • Offer card connections worldwide

  • Manage billing plans in any currency and region

  • Benefit from local market conditionsto generate higher authorization rates and lower transaction fees

Account Updater

  • Offer frictionless checkout experiences

  • Increase revenue by reducing declined authorizations

Customer-centric management

  • Connect customer data across departments

  • Get complete customer view to better inform customer care agents

Plug & play integration

  • Pre-integrated and ready to enable

  • Simple configuration

  • No heavy lifting required

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