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Unified Commerce


Aptos is the leader in Unified Commerce solutions for retail. Aptos ONE, our cloud-native POS platform empowers the modern store with agile, mobile and omnichannel experiences. Integrated order management, merchandising, CRM, sales audit and analytics unify both the experience and the enterprise. Helping hundreds of retailers around the world elevate their brand experiences, Aptos optimizes their operations and prepares them for whatever comes next.

Adyen payment core integration to Aptos unified commerce solutions.

One integration

With one payment agreement, address all your payment needs across different markets by removing the challenges of a traditionally fragmented payment ecosystem with one inclusive of acquirers, card brands, local payment methods, and more.

Global Expansion

Expand your business and global footprint with ease. Using the Adyen/Aptos Payment Solution, your POS expansion will feel more like a new store rollout rather than a completely new payment initiative.

Simplified payments

Adyen takes on the burden of keeping your payments up-to-date through our centralized solution with minimal impact to your business or the Aptos platform – saving time, resources, and cost.

Unified experiences

The Adyen/Aptos Payment Solution works with all of Aptos’ retail management solutions, including Aptos Store, Aptos Mobile, Aptos ONE, and Enterprise Order Management.

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