Designed by us, inspired by you; a card reader for businesses on the move.

Long-lasting battery 

Built with a long-lasting battery to keep your business going through the busiest days. 

Easy pairing

Connect the card reader with your preferred mobile device and attach via the built-in magnet.

Insert, tap, swipe

Accept payments however your customers want to pay with a card reader that does it all.

For businesses that
Need a flexible setup for accepting payments; inside, outside, on the move

Whether they are retailers, beauty and wellness salons or (food) delivery services; a device for all. 

For businesses that
Want to offer a small, affordable device to SMBs

One that complements their existing technology and gets new users offering in-person payments up and running easily.

Key features

Customer experience

Fully EMV (chip), Magstripe (swipe) & contactless (tap) enabled

Magnet in card reader to attach to smartphone or tablet easily

Countertop use by using tablet or one of the Adyen accessories, a dock (with or without printing option)


Firmware updates through the SDK 

Card reader can perfectly be used next to Adyen’s other solutions while retrieving unified data 

Connectivity and security

Connect card reader with mobile device such as smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy 5.1.)

LED lights that communicate different statuses, such as battery charge level

iOS 15.5 or above

Android 10

PCI 6 compliant

Coverage across US

EMV L3 certified for Visa, Mastercard, Amex 

Technical specifications


94 x 70 x 13 (mm)

92 g / 0.2 lbs

500 mAh, 3.7v

Mono speaker

USB-C port and pogo pins for charging


MH1903 Processor

Memory: 8MB Flash, 1MB RAM

LED lights that communicate different statuses


Adyen SDK (Software Developer Kit)

Adyen Terminal API (nexo protocol)


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