Dynamic Currency Conversion

at the point of sale

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) is a point of sale payment option that gives shoppers abroad a choice to pay in their own currency or the local currency.

Points of interest to merchants

Benefits of DCC:

  • It provides additional revenue
  • It gives your shoppers the freedom to make a purchase in the currency of their choice
  • The shopper can see what the purchase costs in their currency

In addition, for shoppers, DCC reduces the risk of unexpected currency fluctuations between authorization and settlement.



According to scheme regulations, the shopper must be given the choice to accept DCC or decline it and pay in the local currency. Furthermore, the shopper must be made aware of the cost of the currency conversion.

Merchants are not permitted to force a choice on the cardholder. In line with these regulations, Adyen gives merchants the ability to offer shoppers the choice to accept or decline DCC, with full disclosure of the exchange rate and the margin that is deducted from it.

Supported currencies

Adyen offers DCC in a number of currencies. Rates may vary between some currencies. Please contact your account manager to discuss current rates and currency options. Some currencies that Adyen offers:

Australian Dollar AUD Japanese Yen JPY
British Pound GBP Norwegian Kroner NOK
Canadian Dollar CAD Swedish Krona SEK
Danish Kroner DKK Swiss Franc CHF
Euro EUR US Dollar USD
Hong Kong Dollar HKD  

For a full list of supported currencies, please download the DCC Brochure

Want to learn more?

Download our DCC brochure below