Retail lessons from China and how to sell effectively to Chinese audiences in the UK

Practical advice to entice, excite and engage Chinese shoppers

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Get unique insights into the Chinese shopper: How they shop, what they love, and how to win their loyalty.

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China is closer than you think

There has never been a better time to sell to Chinese consumers in the UK.

The number of Chinese tourists, students and expats are expected to increase to record numbers this year. But, despite the enormous potential, British brands frequently struggle to sell to Chinese consumers.

“There is an English attitude that we don’t go to them, they come to us. But, if Chinese consumers don’t know your story, they aren’t given a reason to buy.” Jessie Hsu, Editor, Harper’s Bazaar China

So the question is: How do you attract and win loyal Chinese shoppers?

To help you better understand the Chinese shopper, Adyen, Emerging Communications and Global Blue went on a explorative mission to China.

This report is a first-hand account of what we learned: A culmination of the latest Chinese retail trends, insights from Chinese consumers and leading payment companies, and case studies from some of the most exciting retail experiences.

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