San Francisco bridge

United States

San Francisco

The birthplace of the new economy reinvents itself faster than you can post a status update.

San Francisco bridge

San Francisco

274 Brannan Street, Suite 600 San Francisco, CA 94107


San Francisco by the numbers

24 paid volunteer hours per year

10 major clients within 1 mile

Infinite supply of stroopwafels

Building with tech giants

We work with tech powerhouses and nurture startups with big dreams. Our US merchants shape their industries – think Facebook, Uber, and eBay – and we’re right alongside them, helping them grow.

We can walk to Dropbox, Pinterest and even to some of our biggest competitors. Which just makes us work harder at building the world’s leading payments platform. We’re a crucial building block in the new economy – it’s a challenge we love and what gets us out of bed every day.

Your home away from home

Our office is 20,000 light-filled square feet in the heart of SoMa - three blocks from the ballpark and two from the Bay. It's a melting pot of ideas and you're just as likely to hear Spanish or French spoken as English. We value every opinion, and that's why there are over 60 nationalities working together.

Coffee, snacks and communal lunches aside, we have everything you need to work the way you want to. Sit at a desk, a cushy couch or even the balcony as you enjoy a view of the Bay Bridge. We've got everything you need to feel "gezellig," an utterly untranslatable Dutch word for "cozy."

Land of the free (and home of the brave)

Every day at Adyen is different. See something you want to change or improve? Reach out and seize the opportunity. At Adyen, you have more freedom than you ever thought possible. Create your own path with exciting career leaps in any direction. We're changing the way people think about payments, so there's plenty to tackle.

Photo of Jonatan Allback

Jonatan Allback in the spotlight

"At Adyen, we have that 'family' feeling, so people will not hold it against you if you disagree with them. People are encouraged to be themselves."

The world is at your feet

Our careers aren't defined by geography. Every single job at Adyen has a global element, and that's just the way we like it. Travel is built into nearly every position, and collaboration is key. If your latest project takes you to Paris or Singapore, all the better. Sometimes the opportunities don't come to you – you have to go to them. We encourage people to learn more about every market, culture and region, and the best way to do it is to immerse yourself in them.

Why we do what we love

In an overly commoditized industry, we focus on building the best platform and having fun while we do it. We're here to help our merchants grow, because when they grow, we do too. We think function beats form, and our effort toward this goal is singular. We're a technology company first.

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