Global payment methods guide

Everything you need to know about payment methods around the world, so you can take your business to new places.

In this guide you'll get

  • A breakdown of key payment methods in 26 countries
  • Inside tips on payments best practices in each market
  • Information on going global with a single payments partner

Get ready to go global

It's an exciting time for ecommerce.

The global ecommerce market is projected to double, climbing from $2 to $4 trillion by 2020. On top of that, a report by McKinsey predicts that the flow of goods and services across borders will triple.

Businesses of all sizes are expanding across borders to reach shoppers around the world. But, before you rush to launch localized websites and set up entities in new markets, it’s important to consider how these international shoppers want to pay.

Take a look through each part of the global payment method guide to learn the local payment language.

Introduction | Get ready to go global

Part 1 | Asia Pacific

Part 2 | Europe

Part 3 | North America

Part 4 | Latin America

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