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Offer business bank accounts to users on your platform

Create accounts for users to run their finances where they do business and get instant access to funds.

Screenshot of how Adyen business bank accounts UI look with in-goings and out-goings.

Your platform, your accounts

Let users open an account that’s fully branded and embedded into your platform and let them manage their finance where they do business.

Banking done right

Our proprietary banking infrastructure merges payments and financial services to limit dependencies on traditional banks and other parties. 

New revenue streams

Attract users to open accounts with competitive pricing. You decide the best way to monetize your offering.

Simplify business and money management for users

Create premium financial experiences for your users by allowing them to run fast and reliable financial operations on the same platform they run their business. 

Speed up access to money

Give users access to funds by the end of each sales day, or even in real time.

Seamless money management

Money management and doing business in one single experience.

Open accounts in record time

Leverage KYC data you already have. No need for extensive paperwork.

Offer the account that suits your users best

Different platform users have different needs. Start by offering the basics and expand when needed thanks to our modular approach to accounts.

Business Account

Let users receive, store, and spend funds anywhere by offering a business bank account.

  • Built for businesses
  • Supports domestic and international transfers
  • Comes with a bank account number 
  • Funds are protected by deposit guarantee scheme
  • Supported in the EU and the US

Balance Account

Create digital wallets for users to receive, store, and spend funds within your platform’s ecosystem.

  • Built for all platform users
  • Lightweight API integration
  • Topped up through direct payments or transfers
  • Pay out to the connected bank account
  • Supported in the EU, US, and UK

Let users run their financial operations on your platform 

Help your users simplify their finances on a platform they use and trust with embedded accounts.

Offer branded bank accounts thanks to our fully customizable solution

Open accounts in record time by adding on existing user information

Provide multi currency or single currency accounts depending on your users

Pay users instantly by running payments and accounts on our single platform

Offer accounts that are tailored to your users’ needs and expand when needed

Allow users to spend funds immediately by linking your own issued cards

Get started with one simple integration

Start with an end-to-end business bank account solution engineered to launch a fully branded experience fast.

API integration

Integrate Accounts into your platform with our API. Fully customize the UX to give users a branded experience.

Create accounts quickly

Our banking infrastructure allows us to issue accounts in record time by eliminating third-party dependencies.

Earn revenue

Monetize your Accounts offering how you see fit. We charge fixed fees, the rest is up to you. 

We own compliance

Our expertise and banking licenses minimize your regulatory burden and compliance risk¹.

What offering Accounts means for your users

Discover some of the ways how Accounts can help users manage their cash flow.

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A full banking suite on one platform

Give your users an account to manage their finances using the same infrastructure they use to accept and process payments. Our financial technology platform gives you the flexibility to add solutions that work for your users. 

Accounts + Payments

Process payments and manage money in the same place. Our proprietary banking infrastructure increases speed and efficiency.

Accounts + Capital

Allow users to access funding quickly on their platform branded bank account. Cash advances are instantly accessible thanks to our infrastructure. 

Accounts + Issuing

Give users the ability to spend funds by issuing branded cards. Whether they pay in-person or with a bank transfer, your users can choose every time.  

Interested in the future of embedded business accounts for platforms?

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¹Subject to market regulatory requirements.
²Accounts is currently only available for selected platforms in Europe, the UK, and the US.
³Except if explicitly stated otherwise, Adyen N.V., not the platform, provides the account. 
4Adyen N.V., San Francisco Branch is not a member FDIC. Monies deposited in an Adyen Bank Account in the United States are not FDIC insured, are not guaranteed by Adyen.

Frequently asked questions

There are some critical differences between Adyen Accounts and traditional bank accounts. Adyen Accounts allow you to embed financial services into your platform and offer banking as a service to your users under your own brand.

Because Adyen Accounts is built on our single financial infrastructure, you can offer users on your platform an account without the long waiting times and paperwork associated with opening a traditional bank account. Since our solution is API-based, you can tailor the banking experience to match your brand and what your users need.

Business bank accounts with a provider users know and trust
With our API-based account solution, you embed the offering of balance and business accounts into your platform. You can create a banking as a service experience that's completely branded as your platform, giving users one seamless experience between running their business and their financial operations.

You can also tailor your account offering to the needs of your account holders and change your offering as your users' needs change.

Open a business bank account fast
With Adyen Accounts, users on your platform can open a balance or business account in record time. Your platform already has a lot of the information needed to open an account. We use that to allow platform users to open accounts fast by significantly speeding up the process of collecting and checking KYC data.

Fast access to money and revenue
Because Adyen Accounts is built on our proprietary banking infrastructure, payments processed through Adyen stay on our single platform. The lack of dependencies on traditional banks or other third parties allows us to give users of your platform fast and reliable access to cash. It also gives real time insights into money flows to create the most effective financial operation.

For Business Accounts, we always pay at the end of each sales day for payments processed by Adyen. Sellers on your platform can even be paid in real time for payments processed on our platform for a small extra fee.

There are clear benefits for your platform or marketplace to offer Adyen Accounts. With Adyen Accounts, you provide a better solution to platform users to streamline their business and financial operations. 

Reduce churn
Offering Adyen Accounts can help you attract and retain platform users. By embedding business bank accounts into your platform, you create a solution allowing users to manage their business and money in one place. This will help SMBs streamline their operations, reduce money management time, and incentivize users to run more business through your platform. 

Unlock new revenue streams
Embedded financial products are quickly becoming a pillar of revenue for platforms, reducing your dependency on paid advertising or subscription plans. With the competitive pricing of Adyen Accounts, you can monetize your account offering as you see fit. If you want to learn more about our pricing, you can contact one of our sales reps here.

Low cost and risk
Thanks to our API solution, embedding Adyen Accounts into your platform is easy and fast. The only investment on the side of your platform is building a fully branded account experience and a set fee per account. We absorb the risk, and our proprietary banking infrastructure, legal, and financial licenses make sure your offering is compliant in all the regions it's offered. 

Opening a business account with a traditional bank takes time and effort and is one-size-fits-all. With Adyen Accounts, you allow users on your platform to open accounts in record time and can offer them an account that fits their specific needs.

Manage business and money in one place
Your users have used your platform to run important parts of their business. By offering embedded accounts, you can cater to your customer's business needs even more by allowing them to manage their finances where they sell. Expanding your offering with embedded banking as a service functionality allows users to move another crucial part of their business to a platform they know and trust.

Tailored banking experiences
You know your users best. That goes for their business needs, as well as their banking needs. That’s why you can create fully customized and modular banking experiences for your users. If their needs change, you can change your accounts offering to further simplify their money management. 

Fast access to cash
Because you already run payments on your platform through Adyen, adding accounts will give your users fast access to cash. Since there are no dependencies on traditional banks or other third parties, funds can be made accessible in real time, depending on your setup. 

For business accounts, we automatically pay at the end of each sales day. This significantly reduces the waiting time, giving your users the tools to manage their cash flow better. If you want your users to get payments transferred into their accounts in real time, we charge a small fee.

Open a business bank account in minutes
Opening a traditional business bank account can take weeks. Time from the application to actual access to the bank account adds up quickly, thanks to fragmented systems and in-person appointments. Applicants need to provide a mountain of paperwork to supply KYC data, which then needs to be processed by the bank. Often, they even need to visit physical offices that are disappearing quickly.

You already know your user. We use account information you already have to create a fast and streamlined account application process that's fully on-platform. 

You need to be an Adyen for Platforms user to offer Adyen Accounts. Accounts works in conjunction with our other embedded financial products, so you can provide your users with everything they need when they need it.

Accounts is currently available to selected platforms in the US, UK, and Europe only. If you want to learn more about Accounts and show interest, request an invite here.

We charge fixed fees for our business bank accounts, allowing you to monetize your account offering to best suit your business strategy.

You can request an invite here if you want to learn more about our pricing.

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