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Master payments with our range of free webinars and in-house training sessions. Adyen Education is a suite of in-depth courses designed to empower you to use the Adyen platform to its full potential.

Live webinar + Q&A session
In-person Payments

Our optimized point of sale solution allows you to simplify your point of sale payments. Knowing how to properly implement can save you time and ensure the best possible customer experience. In this in-depth webinar you’ll learn:

  • The basics of Adyen’s In Person Payments system
  • How to get started with Adyen In Person Payments
  • How to configure your In Person Payments devices

This webinar will be held by an Adyen expert and will take one hour including a live Q&A at the end. 

Who’s this for

  • Existing merchants interested in Adyen In Person Payments
  • New merchants seeking basic training

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