PIX payment method

PIX is new a payment method in Brazil for instant direct bank transfers, which is built and owned by the Central Bank and operated by the Brazilian banks, digital accounts and wallets.

The payment will work via a Dynamic QR Code or via Code Copy, it depends on the shoppers device and it's going to be very similar to the Boleto's method.

  • Large customer base of 50 millions users
  • Instant payment confirmation 
  • Pay using mobile and contactless
  • Soon available on POS

Accept Pix with Adyen

Adyen offers a full service Pix solution, including reconciliation, reporting and settlement services.

Rynek Brazil
Waluta rozrachunku


Kanał Ecommerce
Obsługiwanie walut BRL
Płatności cykliczne No
Zwroty Yes
Częściowe zwroty środków No
Wiele zwrotów częściowych No
Pobranie środków w wielu partiach No
3D Secure No
Opóźnienie w rozrachunku 2 days
Chargeback No

Different commissions apply depending on the payment method.

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