Cartes Bancaires is the French local card scheme and the most widely used payment method in France. In 2014, more than 94% of the French population above 15 years of age had a Cartes Bancaires card, and in 2015 there were 63.2 million Cartes Bancaires issued cards - representing an average of 1.4 cards per person. More than 95% of French cards are Cartes Bancaires cards co-branded with Visa and Mastercard.

  • Higher authorization rates
  • Access to 94% French shoppers
  • Lower scheme fees
  • No SEPA entity required

Support omnichannel shopper journeys

With a single integration with Adyen, you can accept methods like Cartes Bancaires online, on mobile and in-store. An example flow is shown below:


Accept Cartes Bancaires with Adyen

Adyen offers a full-service Cartes Bancaires solution, including all reconciliation, reporting and settlement services. With Adyen, merchants have no need to enter into contracts with acquiring banks.


Europe: France

Waluta rozrachunku


Kanał Ecommerce, POS
Obsługiwanie walut EUR
Płatności cykliczne Yes
Zwroty Yes
Częściowe zwroty środków Yes
Wiele zwrotów częściowych Yes
Pobranie środków w wielu partiach Yes
3D Secure Yes
Opóźnienie w rozrachunku 2 days
Chargeback Yes

The credit card commission is charged per transaction, and consists of three parts (referred to as Interchange++):

  • Acquirer markup: 0.60% 
  • Interchange fee: customer bank fee
  • Card Scheme fee: fee from the card scheme

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