Futura Retail Solutions

Omnichannel solutions for retail management systems and point of sale

Futura offers Futura4Retail, an ERP tool and Futura4POS, a cash register program for all forms of product distribution. Futura4Retail is a retail management solution for selling fashion, sports goods and shoes. Futura4POS represents a reliable and user-friendly solution for the point of sale. The software is scalable and therefore suitable for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. The new Futura4SalesAssistant combines eCommerce and retail store sales. Futura is part of ROQQIO Commerce Solutions GmbH, a merger of leading software companies, focusing on creating a fully integrated omnichannel solution for trading companies.

Futura Software Solutions and Services:

  • Retail management system
  • Point of sale
  • Sales support


Futura4Retail is the retail management and merchandise software that helps merchants to enhance profitability. The product management tools ensure that the right product is delivered to the right place at the right time.


The Futura4SalesAssistant offers support on a single platform – whether it is about advising customers or running processes in the back office. The solution promotes positive customer service and optimises merchandise management. It also forms the bridge to a company's online shop.


This flexible checkout solution can be perfectly integrated into any project. The Futura4POS system is ideal for the opening of a new shop, the extension of an existing branch network or expanding operations internationally. It is also perfect for integrating an online shop.

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