Guide: Optimising Digital Payments

By diving deep into payments, you'll find countless ways to tweak the process and improve results. That’s great for all businesses, but especially those that rely on high volumes of small transactions, such as in-app and in-game payments, or subscriptions. 

In this guide, we'll explore how a marginal gains approach to your payments will help close more sales, lower costs, and ultimately grow your revenue.

  • 4 key focus areas: Accept, Process, Protect, and Recover
  • Where the gains can be found at each stage
  • How you can achieve the best results overall

Download the guide and learn how to:

Optimise your payments acceptance

Optimising payments acceptance can mean a variety of things. It could mean offering the right payment methods for customers in different countries, streamlining customer authentication, or implementing regulatory requirements. Each one will generate an uplift in your conversions.

Improve your payments processing

In recent years, we’ve seen massive strides in how payments are processed, so it’s time to change gears. Discover how a local approach to acquiring can deliver better approval rates and how Network Tokens will keep cards-on-file up to date while maximising your success rates.

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“Seeing payments as a driver and enabler of growth has really helped us reach the fifty million plus paying subscribers that we have today.”
Andy Wiggan Head of payments, Spotify

Stay secure while keeping customers happy

Until recently, many digital businesses prioritised security ahead of customer experience, with payment providers blocking payments at the slightest sniff of inconsistency. Discover ways to optimise security, use risk management tools, and how to implement advanced algorithms and shopper recognition to get the best authorisation rates.

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