Kuala Lumpur

Opened in 2022, our shared office is located in Bangsar South, situated strategically next to many of our merchants in the center of the bustling city.

The Adyen formula

Our formula is an excellent reflection of the way we work at Adyen, and it is crucial to our success. It guarantees that we make good choices to build an ethical business and a strong company culture.

Best of both worlds

We have the autonomy to learn and build as we go as a startup would, but with the support of a well-built global team. Experience the freedom to do what is best with the force of a global brand behind you.

Ride the digital transformation wave

The Malaysian payment landscape is going through a digital transformation. Be a part of this change and help educate the market about Adyen, a company with global experience at the forefront of payments technology.

Constant learning

Speed is the foundation of our company. We’re always aiming to maintain our speed - whether it’s about our technology or helping our customers. Adyen is evolving - and our people along with it.

Local perks

Pension  (EPF)
16 days of Paid Annual Leave
Trips to Singapore and our HQ in Amsterdam
Ownership of your career

Kuala Lumpur

Common Ground, Menara BT,
Level 1 & 2, Tower 3, Avenue 7 Horizon 2,
Bangsar South City, Bangsar, 59200


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