How we hire

The application process varies depending on role. We’ll keep you informed of what the next steps will be throughout the course of your interviews.


We’ll review your application and get back to you within one week.

Formula fit

Over Zoom, we’ll chat about your experience and why you want to work for Adyen.

Skills test

For some roles, you’ll be required to complete a skills test or case study.

Skills interview

We’ll go in depth on your skills and how they relate to the role.

Board interview

Every applicant meets a member of our board before being hired.


Yes. If you do need to travel to any of our offices for an interview, we’ll take care of your flights and accommodation, as well as help with obtaining visas. Some restrictions may apply so it’s best to check with your recruiter.

“Come in as you are” is typically our mantra. We’re an informal tech company, so we won’t look at what you wear, but who you are.

We strive to complete the interview process within a month. This of course depends on different factors in the process such as interviewer availability. Feel free to discuss this with your recruiter.

We organize in-house days on a monthly basis for interested Master and Bachelor students. During these in-house days we will share the Adyen story and give overviews on opportunities. Applying for the in-house day(s) is your application for Ayden's NextGen.

While we welcome everyone from everywhere, we take many factors into consideration when hiring, including relocation requirements. So keep in mind that not every position is practical for every person.

Absolutely. We understand timing is everything, so please let us know if you’re interested again. Please do reflect on your previous application and the feedback you received to determine if you’ll be a correct match for us the second time around.

Following the GDPR regulations, Adyen has the permission to store your data for 12 months after your application date. Our internal system will delete your data automatically after these 12 months.

You can find plenty of information and content on our social channels (Linkedin and Youtube).

Your offer letter, received after a successful interview process, is an official guarantee of your employment with Adyen. This is sufficient for you to resign from your current roles.

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